Google Photos Alternative: Top Google Photos Alternative To Consider

This is time to consider some Google Photos Alternative. For some time, Google Photos has been a reliable option for anyone needing someplace to store all their images.

Unfortunately, unlimited storage on Google Photos is close to ending in June 2021. Any photos uploaded afterward the date will count toward the default-free 15GB of Google Drive storage.

So, you will have to start out paying or risk losing access to the photos you’ve uploaded over the years. With that in mind, you will have to decide if you want to swap over to a different service that gives more flexible plans.

Google Photos Alternative

Google Photos Alternative

There are several options you’ll choose from if you are looking to move off to Google Photos Alternative. While none of them offer the precise same set of features, they’re still considerably worth jumping ship for.

We’ve outlined a number of the best options you can move all of your precious photos to without much hassle. But despite which one you decide on, ensure to copy all of the photos you had previously, just in case. You’re always aiming to want to own a second repository for all of them.

Best Overall: Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a no-brainer for anyone who always uses Amazon for its Prime shopping membership. Just as it stands, Amazon offers the most effective overall alternative to Google Photos for a myriad of reasons.

One reason is that you already have access to storage if you have been paying for Amazon Prime. You get unlimited cloud storage for your photos with the service, also as a collection of features that match what Google Photos offers sans editing and a few organizational features.

You only get 5GB to store your videos, but you’ll save all of your photos in their original quality without compression. Your photos also will sync and you’ll share with similar Amazon Prime members on your account, up to 6 additional accounts.

While it’s missing a number of the options that Google Photos had, Amazon Photos is far more the simplest of the crop, and you’re likely already able to make use of it.

Best for Professionals: Flickr Image Hosting and Video Hosting

Flickr has long been a go-to option for users that need where to store and sift through their images. While it’s meant more for photographers to store a repository of their work to showcase and offer for licensing. Although you do not take photos for a hobby or maybe for business, you’ll have the benefit of Flickr’s organizational options.

Free plans offer up to 1,000 photos but paid plans like Flickr Pro will net you unlimited storage for just $7 a month. Users can set their photos to sync automatically, set all of their images to non-public, and assign photos to albums as they see fit.

F also offers a clean interface with easy-to-use menus. You will need to give some cash to use it the way you would like to, but it’s still an excellent alternative.

Best for Desktop Users: Dropbox File Storing and Sharing

Dropbox is an exceedingly useful service that will store tons over just photos. Users can set all of your files to sync automatically to the cloud, your phone, or other locations, so you’ll access your phones from anywhere.

You can also create whatever folders you’d like, then drag and drop your photos via the special Dropbox app. Or the online version to get everything you would like safe and secure in your cloud space storeroom.

The free version offers 2GB of storage as compared to Google Photos’ 15GB, though. And if you choose to buy plans, you will be out a fairly penny for unlimited uploads.

While Dropbox does offer an abundance of security features that will ensure your photos are safe, if you are not storing anything but images, Dropbox might not be your cup of tea. If you would like to get files or other items you use on your desktop so you’ll have them on the go, however, Dropbox is certainly a viable option that anyone may benefit from.

Final Verdict of Google Photos Alternative

When examining all of the Google Photos Alternative, there’s one clear winner: Amazon Photos. Not only does it come included with Amazon Prime accounts, but it offers unlimited storage.

It’s fairly almost like Google Photos’ lineup of options, and it comes with the reliable Amazon brand backing it. If you would like something to change over to, Amazon Photos takes the cake.

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