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Google One is the upgraded version of the well-known Google Drive; Google One is a lot more than just storage as it comes with other benefits, and in this article, we shall be exploring the reasons behind the advent of this upgraded version of Google Drive, some of Google One’s benefits, who needs it and how to sign up for the service.

Google One Benefits

Google One is basically a premium cloud storage service that provides storage that can be accessible to the user on any device.

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Cloud storage, as we know it today, is very important, especially for companies or individuals dealing with very heavy data that cannot be left at the mercy of local hard drives that could crash anytime, which could end up as a nightmare for the victims.

Google One Benefits

There are tons of companies that just can’t do without cloud storage services, which is why stressing the topic of Google One benefits cannot be overemphasized in this digital age.

It’s no news that upon creating a Google account, you are allotted a whooping 15GB cloud storage to back up media and other important documents to your Google Drive.

While some people may never have a reason to exhaust a quarter of that space, the case is the exact opposite for others, which brought about the creation of the premium Google One service for these people that need a lot more than 15GB of cloud storage.

Google One comes in different packages as we shall be seeing shortly.

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Google One Plans – Google One Pricing

If for any reason, you end up running out of the 15GB space given to you, the table below gives a clear description of the plans, prices as well as the appropriate location where these prices hold for the Google One service.

Storage United States United kingdom Canada India
200GB $2.99 monthly

$29.99 yearly

£2.99 monthly

£24.99 yearly

CAD 3.99 monthly

CAD 39.99 yearly

₹210 monthly

₹2,100 yearly

2TB $9.99 monthly

$99.99 yearly

£7.99 monthly

£79.99 yearly

CAD 13.99 monthly

CAD 139.99 yearly

₹650 monthly

₹6500 yearly


10TB $99.99 monthly £79.99 monthly CAD 139.99 monthly ₹6,500 monthly


20TB $199.99 monthly £159.99 monthly CAD 279.99 monthly ₹13,00 monthly


30TB $299.99 monthly £239.99 monthly CAD 419.99 monthly ₹19,500 monthly



Here’s some good news for users that were previously subscribed to the 1TB plan; it has been upgraded to 2Tb at no extra cost to you.

Google One Benefits

  1. Your phone is always backed up

With Google One, you don’t have to worry about backing up your files manually, the plan comes with an automatic backup of your phone’s contents and these include your contacts, photos, videos, app data, MMS, and texts. Basically, most android phones do this, but the advantage of using Google One is that all your data are collated into one single app which makes it more accessible.

  1. Membership Goodies

As a member subscribed to a Google one plan, you get access to services to premium customer support and other benefits like Google Play credits and also discounts on hotels. These benefits also vary based on the region of the user.

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