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To stay updated on the happenings around the world at this time, Google News is here. With Google News, you can see the latest coverage of coronavirus. It is a smart news app that helps organizes what’s happening in the world. This news tool actually helps you to learn more about the stories that are of relevance to you. The Google service works simple and quite impressive compared to most news platforms out there. The purpose of the service is to help individuals the world by connecting people and high-quality news from a variety of perspectives. Want to know more about this platform? Then read on.

Google News

Google News

Google News is a news aggregator app that is developed by Google. The service presents a continuous flow of articles from thousands of publishers and magazines. It is available as an app on Android and iOS, also web portal. This platform is currently described as the world’s largest news aggregator. The service is offered in over 30 languages in the world. Google News covers news articles appearing within the past 30 days on various news websites. It aggregates content from more than 20, 000 publishers.

Features And Customization Of Google News

On the platform, a pull-down menu at the top of the search results enables users to specify the time period in which they wish to search for articles. The menu consists of options like the past day, past week, past week, or a custom page. Users can request email alerts on various keywords topics by subscribing to Google News Alerts. Emails are sent to subscribers whenever news articles matching their requests come online. Also, users can customize the display sections, their location on the page, and how many stories they want visible.

Google News has been integrated with Google Search History since November 2005. Upon its graduation from beta, a section was added that displayed recommended news based on your News search history. And also the article you’ve clicked on.

How News Works On Google

With the provision of trustworthy and timely information, people get empowered to better understand the world around them and also make educated decisions. Journalism provides that information when it matters the most, shaping our understanding of important issues and pushing us to learn and seek the truth. Google aims to make it easier to stay informed by using technology to organize what journalists are reporting about current issues and events.

The platform doesn’t have an editorial point of view. Instead, Google products are designed to connect you with a broad array of information and perspectives to help you develop your own point of view and make good decisions.

Google News App

The app makes sit easier for you to stay informed and updated no matter where you are. It is compatible with any device. With this app, you can;

Stay up to date

  • The “For You” tab makes it easier to stay up to date on everything you care about, all in one place.
  • Your briefing updated throughout the day with five stories that Google News has organized for you.

Go deeper on every story

  • The Full Coverage” feature provides a complete picture of how a story is reported from a variety of sources. With a single tap, you will see the headlines.
  • The Headlines tab offers an unfiltered view of top news articled from around the world.

The app is built or designed to meet the needs of users with different phones and levels of connection.

How To Find What You Want In Google News

You can decide the kind of news you’d like to see when using the service. To find what you want on the service, here’s a guide for you;

  • For the latest top stories, tap on “Headlines”.
  • To deep dive into a story without personalization, tap on “Full coverage”.
  • To see more stories about certain subjects in “For You” follow topics.
  • Find your existing subscriptions and sources in the following.
  • Discover new publications in “Newsstand”.

Most of these features are actually available if you’re signed in to Google Account.

Save Stories From Google News

Using this news tool, you can actually save news to read later if you are signed in to your Google account. You can save the news for later using the app and web. Here’s how to save stories for later;

  • Open your browser and go to Google News or launch your app.
  • Then below the story, you wish to save, hit on “Save” or “Ore” and select “Save for later”.

The story will be added to read later. To remove a story, hit on “Following” and scroll to “Saved Stories”. Under the story, you’d like to remove, tap on “More” and select “Don’t Save” or “Remove from Saved Stories”.


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