Google News Showcase Now Available on Desktop – Google News Showcase New Feature for Mobile

Currently, Google News Showcase is Now Available on the Desktop and all the users can now enjoy this new feature. On the other hand, people have begun making use of Google, Specifically, Google search results, in other to find the latest information and updates that are available on current events or topics.

Google News Showcase Now Available on Desktop

On the other hand, news and publishers have been complaining about the way they have been losing their traffic because of that or how Google’s Snippets are infringing on copyrights. Google’s solution is its news showcase initiative and the news stories that it features are coming to desktop finally after being exclusive to mobile for months.

Google News Showcase Now Available on Desktop

As announced last year in October, Google News now showcase is pretty much a curated collection of news articles that would normally be hidden behind the paywalls but would now be made available for everyone totally for free instead.

The trick here is that Google happens to be the one paying for all those with $1 billion investment. In other words, it is the attempt of Google to appease some of the publishers with the online subscriptions while still trying to draw curious searchers for Google News and, Maybe, those publishers’ paid programs.

Google News Showcase On Desktop

As you would imagine, not all news publishers are keen to be part of all this initiative but Google did gather all the major publications from the UK, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Czechia, and India. To add to the limitations that is now in the markets, and however, the news showcase and were also previously limited to mobile devices. At the moment, it is heading to desktops through the browsers, and it is becoming an integral part of the Google News website.

The news Showcase that has been available, would see a section at the top stories that is dedicated for you to suggest articles from partners programs. There would also be a specific section for news Showcase accessible coming from the left-side navigations coming from where the users would possess their own specific sections coming for those features’ articles coming in case the users are looking forward to diving deeper into what their publishers have to offer.

Google News Showcase New Feature for Mobile

Although all that announcement places their attention to focus heavily on all the News Showcase’s new desktop Form, Google is also offering the mobile version, a new feature also. Publishers would be able to list all the related stories that is found in their panels that users can tap on in other to get more context on specific showcased news.


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