Google makes it A lot easier to Find Wear OS Apps – PlayStore Update for Wear OS

Google now makes it a lot easier to find Wear OS apps. Google recently just updated Google Play to make some wearables-friendly apps a lot easier to locate. If you have been searching Google Play on your tablet, smartphone, or even on your desktop, you would now be able to key in on some incredible search terms. Add the terms “watch” or “watch faces” in other to find apps and watch faces.

Google makes it A lot easier to Find Wear OS Apps

Google makes it A lot easier to Find Wear OS Apps

Finding the apps and other software for the Wear OS (Google wearable) device right on the Google Play app store has not exactly been an optimal experience as of recently. The Play Store possesses all the software that you could have ever wanted for your Wear OS device. But you would have been required to push to apps and software that’s ready to roll with wear OS devices, for the greater good of the ecosystem.

PlayStore Update for Wear OS

If you happen to be right on the Play Store, new curation that you can see right in the “Wear OS” and “Watch Faces for Wear OS” category pages. Google seems to have made some changes to the remote install system with the play Store.

This makes things a lot simpler for the users to see if the app would be compatible with their unique Wear OS device. This Remote install system still seems to be relegated to the smartphone app version that is right on Play Store. But we would be seeing if it would work on desktop devices right in web browsers too.

Design Update for Wear OS PlayStore

Per Google Community manager Jules, the watches would be receiving a design update on Google Playstore. “Based on the principles of Material You, the new design simplifies the experience of navigating the small surface area of a watch face,” as stated by Jules.” Important information that was placed right on the cards, this makes it more comfortable to read and make a selection.”

If you do happen to be making use of a Wear OS device now, you’ll want to make sure that your device is running “Wear OS by Google” version 2.0 (2.x and up). and with that, you would receive an update for the latest design upgrade that would be coming in the weeks to come.”


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