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Google Hangouts Online is for anyone who will like to have a wonderful conversation online without been interrupted. Speaking of communication, it is the process where people usually understand another person through conversation. Google Hangouts cannot only be used online but also has an app. Itis available in Android devices, IOS devices as an app, but you can make use of it online using your computer or PC. Now if you will like to communicate very easily with speed then you should continue reading this article.

Google Hangouts Online
Google Hangouts Online

Google Hangouts is a communication service produced by Google to enable users to have a nice time when communicating. There are lots of communications platforms, websites even apps out there, but Google hangouts have some specialties. It is special in the sense that there are additional features to it when you want to communicate online. You can make video calls, audio calls, also message someone online, you can see it is similar to other apps too. But do you know you can also use other features apart from these ones mentioned?

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Google Hangout Features and Benefits

Like I have said earlier, there are many features available on Google hangouts, and I will like for you to know them. It has HD video calls, HD Group conferencing, Auto Screen Focus. Also, has Intelligent Muting, Hangout on Air, Compatibility with multiple computing devices. it is a built-in screen, has integration with other Google applications. has custom control for Admins, these are some features you will enjoy on the Google Hangouts platform. There is still so much more for you to discover.

Google Hangouts Meet

The Google Hangouts allows you to meet people online, people you know already. Your friends, family members, business associates. It allows you to reach them online wherever they are no matter the distance. One thing you should know is that with Google hangouts there are no distance barriers. You can also make group calls. But before you can make use of Google Hangouts you must have a Google account, once you have it then you are ready to go.

How Do I Go Online in Google Hangouts

Now you can go online using your computer, just go to Or you can just open hangouts in Gmail because it is made available in Gmail. Just one click and you will access it, then you can message or call who you want to communicate with.
Google Hangouts Download
Now if you want to download the Google Hangouts app on your device then follow all the steps below for directions:


⦁ Go to your Android Google Play Store.
⦁ Then the search bar at the top, tap or click it.
⦁ Now search for the Google Hangouts app.
⦁ When you have found it click it, then you will be directed to a new page.
⦁ Then click “install” and it will automatically begin to download on your device.


⦁ Open your app store on the IOS device.
⦁ Then locate the search bar at the top or bottom of the page.
⦁ Now search for Google Hangouts.
⦁ Once you have seen it then you should click or tap “get” next to the app.
⦁ Then tap “install” to download the app.

These are the steps you must follow when you want to download the Google Hangouts app.

How to Use Google Hangouts

Now if you want to use the Google hangouts app then you should read the guidelines below for help:

For Android:

⦁ Now open the Hangouts app.
⦁ Then at the bottom right, tap “Compose”.
⦁ Also then select the type of call you want to make.
⦁ Then type and select the names of people you want to invite to your video call.
⦁ When you have done that then tap the type of call you want to make.
⦁ Once you are done making your call just tap “End call”.

For iPhone or iPad:

⦁ Open the app.
⦁ Then at the bottom tap “Contact”.
⦁ Now type a person’s name, and then select them from the search results shown.
⦁ After that tap the type of call, you want to make.
⦁ Now on your iPad, you can start a call by opening a Hangouts conversation and swiping from right to left.
When you are done making your call then tap “End call”.

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