Google for Education Suite: Empower Learning while focusing on more important work

Speaking of Google for Education Suite, The use of new technologies to facilitate learning is gradually becoming the norm as e-learning is gradually replacing the old-fashioned hard copy style of learning.

More teachers around the world are beginning to utilize the Google for education suite which now takes learning to a completely new level even for teachers themselves and for the students.

Google for Education Suite

Google for Education suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps students and teachers manage educational materials anywhere from any device.

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The G-Suite is quick easy to set up, and one that comes with a lot of benefits in order to educators work smarter and focus on more important matters.

Google for Education Suite | Empower learning while focusing on more important work

The Google for education suite innovation help teachers engage their students in challenges with secure, flexible, and easy-to-use tools built for education purposes:

  1. Adapt and grow as needed

G-suite is scaled to meet the needs of every learner ranging from as low as 10 students to 10,000. The G-suite open APIs ensures you continue to add value by connecting to third-party apps and different platforms.

  1. Connect and Collaborate effortlessly

The environment helps build a stronger connection between students and teachers even outside of the classroom. You can collaborate in the same document, challenging the student to think more critically.

  • Secure your data

Google prioritizes both teacher and student data. You can be sure your data is safe, all you have to do is focus on learning, with no distractions whatsoever from adverts.

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Google for Education Suite | Tools to Power Teaching and learning

G-suite comes with a lot of feature-rich packages that create a more comfortable academic atmosphere for learning anywhere in the world without having to be present in the classroom.

Some of the notable attributes of Google for education suite that facilitate advanced teaching and learning environment include the following:

  1. COLLABORATE – Connect effortlessly while engaging tasks
  • This feature allows colleagues to interact with one another operating on institution-wide email via Gmail.
  • Video and voice conferencing with scholars and educators from anywhere across the globe.
  • Sheets, Docs, and Slides are available to help colleagues co-create and edit in real-time.
  • The use of the good old Google Drive to store documents online and offline and also being able to access them whenever necessary.
  1. MANAGE – help students manage grades, courses, and more in a simple and efficient manner
  • Coursework can easily be created and organized through classroom and assignments.
  • Rubrics ensure grades are being kept transparent.
  • The use of forms makes quizzes and permission slip easy.
  1. INSPIRE – helps students turn in their work projects with simple tools to support learning
  • The grammar and spelling feature to improve language usage.
  • Originality reports helping find missing citations.
  • Ever-visible word count to track length in real-time.
  1. PROTECT – school data are accessed and controlled all in one place
  • You can never go uploading your files to Google Drive to ensure the security of your documents.
  • Hosted S/MIME for Gmail put in place to ensure enhanced security and encryption.

“Google docs has revolutionized how people are teaching. There’s more collaboration with students and there is a real-time feedback loop between faculty and students” – Mellissa Kane, Instructional Designer, Brown University.

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