Google for Education App: G Suite for Education | Google Classroom

Google for education app is another one of google service that allows you to independently customize versions of other google products using a given domain name by a customer. Google for education features app from google and other apps too.

Google for Education App

The Google for education apps featured by google is Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Meet, Play, Sites, Slides, Vault, Groups Google Calendar, Hangouts, and Drive. In this post, we shall be discussing another google for education apps.

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Google Classroom | Apps that work with Google Classroom

Google for the classroom is just like your classroom in school but with the difference that googles for the classroom is virtual and it helps teacher and student communicate and share information without books and pen, chalk and board but by exchanging apps with Google services like Google Docs, Google Drive and others. Below is google for education apps that work with google classroom.

  • ASSISTments – give feedback to teachers and students when assignments are completed with this app.
  • Actively learn ­– build literacy skills for the children using texts and events that help the student understand better.
  • Addition app – to manage everyday activities and to plan and track students’ progress.
  • Aeries student information system – for easy management and tracking of grades, attendance tests scores and others. Can also be used to share information with students and parents.
  • Aladin – simplifies the school administration by giving access to records among teachers and its also a reporting tool.
  • Alma – to track students’ performance, communication between teacher and student and customization of grading rubrics.
  • AristotleInsight K12 – empowering students to become safe digital citizens. This is a complete virtual classroom.

These are some of the apps that work with google classroom, though there are some other online platforms that work with google classrooms like BakPax and curriki studio.

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G Suite for Education

G suite for education gives cloud storage to nonprofit k-12, higher institutions, and homeschools. You can get started with G Suite for education following the instructions below.

  1. Sign in to Google Workspace with your Google workspace login credentials.
  2. Click here to get the upgrade form.
  3. Fill in the form completely then click on submit.
  4. Next step is to log on to G Suite for education sign up page.
  5. Fill in your details in the form displayed.
  6. Review the consent terms and conditions then click on Agree and Continue to Proceed.
  7. Review the nonprofit’s terms of the agreement then click on Agree and Create Account.

After completing the sign up process, you will be redirected to the Google Admin Console, this is where you will have to verify the ownership of your domain name but this is only if you signed up with an existing domain. For more details on how you can verify your domain ownership click here.

If when signing up, you bought a domain name for google workspace or you have previously verified your domain name with Google, you won’t be needing to verify it again.

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