Google China Problem – Google’s China Problem, Ban And It’s Planned Return To China

What seems to be Google China problem? Have you ever wondered why Google is not operating in China? I bet some of you even had no idea as to this development. Google and China, these are two names everyone probably has heard about and even knows. But I don’t think it is every one that knows about the ensuing struggles and problems between both parties. Goggle, one of the largest search engines in the world and probably the best in whatever they lay their hands on. China on the other hand one of the leading nations in tech and probably the internet. One might easily rubbish the insinuation that these two platforms are actually ta war with one another, but that is just the sad truth.

Google China Problem

Google China Problem

The Google china problem has been around for quite some time now and its part of the ongoing war between the Chinese and American governments since Google is an American owned company and china is you know one of the largest regions dealing on tech and it also contains the highest numbers of internet users all over the globe. There was a time when Google was being used in china just in case you never knew. But however, in 2010, Google stopped its search engine services in China due to the china’s government totalitarian policies which is also including the censorship of the web

But ever since then, Google has been trying to venture back into china due to the huge potentials of the market over there. With the launch of the project dragonfly, Google will be making a move to return back to China. Dragonfly is the code name for a secret project by Google. This secret project is a censorship mobile search app custom made for the Chinese market especially. This project aims to blacklists and filter topics including democracy, peaceful protests, religion, human rights, and others.

Google Banned In China

Is Google banned in china? Yes, Google has been banned in China for some time now after going against some of its censorship laws and guidelines. When an indigenous company runs and operates in its own backyard it is easy. But when that same company wants to ply its trade in other regions that’s where the real works come in. This is due to the fact that the said company will have to put up with the laid down rules and regulations of that region. Google’s ban in china came when the company (Google) decides to stop censoring in China. Well, this was after the company has moved its search operations to Hong Kong. This is a neutral zone for free speech after spending four years in the region.

Google China Censorship

Ever since Google was banned in China, it has been planning on going back. After a leak some time ago, it was revealed that Google is planning to launch a censorship program in china, more like a censored search engine. The censored search app Google was planning to launch would blacklist sensitive queries, the revelation showed. And just as I have mentioned already in this article, the name of this project is called ‘project dragonfly’. The project has been underway for some time now. And it was even accelerated after a meeting held in December 2017 between Google’s CEO and top Chinese government officials.

Various teams and engineers at the company, Google, have already created an app, a custom made android app with different versions. These versions were named ‘Maotai’ and ‘longfei’. These apps have already been displayed to the Chinese officials and everything it can do. All that is remaining for a launch is a heads up or approval from the Chinese officials. If the plan was to go through, it will signify a dramatic change in Google’s policy on the region. And it will also mark the first time in almost a decade that Google has operated its search engine in China.

Currently, Google’s search services cannot be accessed by a large number of internet users in china due to the bock by china’s great firewall. The app currently being built by Google will, therefore, comply with the regions strict policies on the internet and search. Chinas government blocks sensitive information on the internet regarding a host of things. Including, sex, opposition political parties, free speech, academic studies and so much more. Well, just about anything that the xi Jinping’s communist party regime sees unfavorable is censored and blocked.


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