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What we will be looking into in this article is all about Google Backup. Have you come to a point whereby you run out of space or storage on your mobile smartphone or computer. I have the right storage drive for storing your files and that is Google Backup. Google backup is a cloud storage drive that can help you store your files and documents on air. This drive has been into usage for so long and I was shocked when I wind out that not everybody has heard of it. Let me put you through what this backup drive is and how you can back up your files on it.

Google Backup

Google Backup

Like I have mentioned that it is a cloud storing device. Google came up with this device so that individuals not just individuals but both business personnel can store their business files on air. The google backup is also known as google drive which is the back drive application. It helps users to save their files like photos, videos, and documents. It is a file storage device and also a synchronization service that is produced by Google. This drive was put in place in the year 2012, what I mean by putting in place is that when it was developed or launched.

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However, it synchronizes your files saved on their server across all device, that is to tell you that whenever you log in your google drive account on any smartphone. You can access your files through the phone that you have logged your account into. The file-hosting service is a cloud storage service, also an online storage file provider. At this moment I will like us to talk about the google backup android.

Google Backup Android

The google backup Android is talking about the google drive app and it is has an app for Android that is the reason why you see the header you see above. I have talked about the google drive before but what I will be telling you is that the google drive is free and available in the app store market.

Features of Google Drive Backup

Backing up files inside the google drive. You can access it whenever you want even if the file is no longer available on your mobile device. It enables you to backup your file, content, data, and you can also connect your phone settings to your google account. After backing up your files, you are free to restore your files on other mobile devices or on that same phone. You should know that it is impossible for you to restore your backup data’s into a phone that is running a lower mobile device. That is to say, restoring data varies by the phone or android version.

Google Drive Backup

Here I am going to tell you how you can back up your files on google drive. The following steps you will be seeing are the steps on how you can backup your file on google drive.

  • You have to open the google drive app or go to visit Google Drive on your web browser.
  • Click the plus (+) icon on the app and also on the web.
  • Tap on upload and select the file you want to backup.

Clicking on the file, you should know that you have an automatic backup of the file. You can also delete a file from your google drive account.

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How Do I View My Google Drive Backup

You can access your drive to view your backup files. And to delete any files you think you don’t need anymore. Just go to your drive by clicking the file icon if you are using the google drive app. But if you are using the web, you will see the option to access your drive at the left corner of your screen. You just have to click the option “My Drive” and you will link into your backup file page. On the app, to delete a file, click the three parallel icons and scroll down and click “Remove”. While on the web, after accessing your drive. Right-click and move down, you will find the remove option, just click on it.

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