Google and Facebook Killed Free: Google AMP was Designed to Optimize Web Browsing

Speaking of Google and Facebook Killed Free, Facebook has greatly increased its criticism against Apple’s IOS 14 privacy features through the launching of second full-page advertisements across the famous newspapers.

The ads which State Apple vs free internet a way by which Facebook portrays that Apple via its new anti-ad tracking feature in iOS 14 is forcing the future of the internet to be based on subscription.

Google and Facebook Killed Free

For those who are not familiar with this, the new upcoming IOS 14 software updates is an inclusion of a new popup dialog permission that would ask the user to either allow or deny the tracking of ad within IOS applications

This has made Facebook worried due to the fact that it would restrict them from freely targeting and tracking users in all applications for personalized advertisements

This has greatly led to the repeated attacks of Facebook on apple with the aim of delaying the IOS updates and Apple has responded by stating that they are only simply providing users with the necessary information on how their data is being collected.

Google and Facebook Killed Free

Facebook can actually continue to track users all across apps and websites but the difference is that they would now require the consent of users which is sure that most users would definitely deny applications for tracking them which puts Facebook ads business in a big trouble

Surprisingly Facebook has accused apple of hijacking the free web and shorting down small business when it is actually Facebook and Google that are controlling the flow of the internet for years past

Manipulation of Users into a Free Basic Service by Facebook

Facebook has manipulated users into a free basic service, it is actually not strange that Facebook and Google are the ones directly influencing the majority of the internet traffic and have huge control over the digital advertising industry.

In years past Facebook launched its free basic service which was later discovered by the world that it was actually a strategy to create a web garden which made Facebook face a lot of criticism since it supports website that they approve

Google AMP was Designed to Optimize Web Browsing

The Google AMP was initially designed for the optimization of web browsing but it has controlled the flow of the internet instead.

AMP is a Google open-source project which is geared to help in the fixing of common issues across the web

Basically, users of Google don’t like waiting for a website to fully load and also constant loading of large pages become an overhead when they are browsing on a small plan

Now AMP is the Google solution in optimizing the mobile web surfing and the standardization of the web experience through getting rid of bloated javascript code

Now Google has been prioritizing AMP-enabled websites in its search results which make all publishers adopt the  AMP toolset or pay the price of a lower website ranking

This means that every time a user clicks on the AMP link, Google can actually track you by knowing what you are viewing irrespective of the fact that you are not directly opening a Google-hosted website.

In summarization, AMP is actually to some extent a Google attempt to become a gatekeeper of the internet which could become a threat to the open web.

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