Going for a Trip! Show your Kids how to Pack

Going for a Trip! Show your Kids how to Pack

Going for a Trip? Show your Kids how to Pack. Although taking kids on a trip with you can be exciting, it is also exhausting. For many people, the only way to push through this is to take the time and plan and work with their kids.

Going for a Trip?

Packing and traveling can be exciting and fun as long as you do it in innovative ways! Below are 4 proven best practices to help you show your kids how to pack.

Inform them Early Enough

One fact about children that will always stand true is that they always want to know everything about anything that can be mentioned. Therefore, it’s very important to mention to your child ahead of time that you’ll be packed together.

Get them ready early enough and excited. This can be spaced out by a couple of days, or even a week, to give them time to think about it and accept it. By the time it’s the moment you have to pack, there won’t be any surprises.

Teach them what to Pack

Once your kids know the why, it’s time to have a fun conversation with them about things that they can and can’t take with them on trips. This should be dependent on your mode of transit and how many days you’ll be gone. Keep it lighthearted and fun, and discuss what’s vital for every trip while making sure you keep them entertained.

Always make sure your kids travel light so they fully enjoy the freedom of exploring the world. Here are a few things to keep in mind when packing lite with your kids:

Together with your kids, write down a list of all things needed for the trip. Including things like swimsuits, a camera, sunscreen, a hiking hat, travel-sized toiletries, and some favorite snacks on the go.

You can divide them into groups like “absolutely must be packed” such as medications and “not that important” such as another pair of shoes if you already packed some comfortable ones.

Don’t forget to remind your kids that they will be carrying their own luggage. That means the more they pack, the heavier their luggage will be! They might rethink packing more stuff.

Try to cut down the number of tech devices and toys. Check if you really need that extra teddy bear, speaker, headphones, and extra batteries.

Show them How.

This practice involves showing your child how you like to pack. Although this might feel like the best time to show them the trending packing practices, curb that line of thought. Instead, show them how you like to pack.

The main reason for this is that they’ll learn from watching you and possibly be more likely to pick up the habits you have. If you don’t like your packing habits, now is the time to unlearn them and start fresh.

Teach The When

Show your child when the best time to start packing is. For short one or two-day trips, you can start the day before or even the day off, but it’s good to help them make a process with it for longer trips.

Have your child help you fold laundry and directly put things that need to be packed into their luggage. Make it clear that once an item goes into the suitcase, it’s there until you’re on your vacation. This will keep them from trying to sneak extra toys into it.

Teach your child how to pack by packing with them. Help them set up their suitcase and slowly add to it over a day or two. Show them the importance of packing your toothbrush and toothpaste and whether or not they should pack a swimsuit along with their luggage.

Be honest about where you’re going, don’t say you’re going to a theme park when you’re looking at real estate for sale in Whistle.

These are the best ways to teach your child by making them learn actively and helping them don’t the best way.


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