GoDaddy Website Creator: How to Create A Website on GoDaddy

Accessing GoDaddy Website Creator is the best way of having a beginner website. Having a website for your business is a successful audience boost step.

GoDaddy Website Creator

Most users keep in mind the high fees of web developers and web designers as well as content. But thanks to some do-it-yourself website builders, users can create a website with ease without the need for professionals.

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If you are looking for an easy website creator, then this should be your chance of accessing the GoDaddy website Creator. Read this article for more information about the GoDaddy Website Creator.

GoDaddy Website Creator

The GoDaddy platform isn’t just for hosting the most powerful websites. But it also was made for beginners to build their own site. GoDaddy offers tools needed to get a professional site operating in no time.

GoDaddy Create a Website

The GoDaddy platform lets users create a website that can help users provide a great experience for potential customers. It also helps users get an increase in the audience at the same time.

Another good part is that it is free and users can eventually upgrade to a premium membership anytime they are ready to go forward on the platform.

How to Create A Website on GoDaddy

Now, here is the step on how you can create your website within minutes on GoDaddy:

Sign up to GoDaddy:

The very first step is creating an account under the GoDaddy platform. It is very easy to create a GoDaddy account. You just have to head to the website

Now select the Start for Free option under the Create your website section. You will be prompt to create an Account. Now fill in your email, username, and password. Click on the Agree option, then create an account.

You might be required to verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email. Then your account is ready and you can create a free website.

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Name your website:

After creating an account on GoDaddy, the next step is to give your website a name. this can still be changed later on, so you don’t have to be scared. Then click next to go forward.

Start building:

Now GoDaddy platform will allow you access to its website builder. You can begin to work on your created website, and all the features to build your site will be available.

Users can begin with selecting a theme as there are lot of amazing free theme to select from. You can as well select the theme’s color and fonts. Then you can check on a preview of your customization before clicking on done.


The platform lets you add images and videos to make your site look beautiful. GoDaddy lets you choose whatever image or video you want to use if it suits the accepted formats.

Customize your settings

After you are done with the fun part of customizing the looks of your website, you will need to work on the internal parts. Everything from your site’s basic information t your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings will be worked on.

Advanced settings

Users can access these options to add other advanced options to the website. It will be cool to add social media buttons or customize the site header for a better finesse.

Connect your domain

This is an essential part of GoDaddy Website Creator. You will have to register your own domain before proceeding with your GoDaddy website.

If you already own a domain name, then you can easily connect it to your created website. If you don’t have one yet, GoDaddy provides a domain for as low as $11.99 annually (the rate only applies to the first year).

Publish your website

After getting your domain connected to your website, it is time to publish your website. It will be optional for you to run a preview to check all you have edited are in place.

You can begin to promote your website after publishing it. Note that after publishing it is when viewers will begin to see or get connected to your website. Ensure to manage your website and post good attractive contents for more audience.

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