Gmass Vs Mailchimp – Gmass Vs Mailchimp Comparison

I know that you probably would have heard of both platforms, so here is a comparison between GMass vs MailChimp. Which of the emailing marketing platforms between GMass and Mailchimp do you prefer? Choosing between these two can be very hard as both platform and tools are one of the best if not the best in what they do. In the world of digital marketing, it is very important that you make use of the best in the market and business and this is what this article is all about. In this article I will be writing and be making a direct comparison between the GMass and Mailchimp emailing tools., therefor to know how these platforms work and to choose the one that best suits you, you need to continue riding.

Gmass Vs Mailchimp

Gmass Vs Mailchimp

Can the GMass emailing marketing tool really be compared to Mailchimp? This is a question that only the experts in the field can provide answers to. Therefore if you haven’t made use of both platforms and tools before you will not understand. One can say that both platforms and tools are engaged in the same line of work. But does that mean that they engage or can be directly compared in their respective fields? To find out the answer to the questions arisen in this article, then you need to continue reading once more.

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According to a blog post in GMass online portal, it states that GMass can hardly be a competitor to Mailchimp. But why will the post be referring to GMass as not being a competitor to Mailchimp? Well, it is no surprise that Mailchimp has been around for quite some time and it possesses to be a bigger player in the game due to its many years of expertise and so on, but still why is GMass not a direct competitor with Mailchimp?

Well, the post went on to further explain its claims. Mailchimp is a full-service email marketing platform that integrates with lots of probably hundreds of external systems. On the other hand, GMass is only but an extension that can be used to send low volume mail merge campaigns.

In an official report from Mailchimp, the platform states that the users of the platform sent over 240 billion emails in the previous year alone. When compared, GMass users only sent 67 million emails in the previous year also. This and so many more are the reasons why experts in the field are reporting that both platforms cannot be directly compared. But is this really true? Continue reading, as you might be shocked at what you get to find when both platforms are directly compared.

Gmass Vs Mailchimp Comparison

Before I go further in this article I would love to ask you a question and here it is. Would you rather send 240 billion emails or would you prefer to send 67 million emails? Well, you might be quick to pick a reply here given the fact that one number is higher than the other. But before you do that here is something you need to know about both figures. While the 240 billion emails will hit your promotions field or folder, the 67 million emails will however hit your inbox directly. To, therefore, take us further in this article, it’s time to directly compare both tools in some specific areas.

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According to ‘comparisons’ an online comparison platform, the comparisons of both platforms starting the GMass platform are;

  • Customer experience – 96%.
  • Pricing model – monthly and annual subscription model.
  • Features – test mode, Gmail compose window, scheduling, unsubscribe link, reply management, email list builder, Google sheets integration, open tracking, click tracking, personalization, new messages Vs replies, break sending limits and so much more.
  • Pricing info – there are three packages for Gmail and suite integration of GMass and they are minimal, standard, and premium.
  • Languages supported – English.
  • Prominent clients – -twitter, uber, and LinkedIn.
  • Integrations – GMass can easily be integrated with Google sheets.
  • Devices available – windows, mac, and web-based.
  • Company size – small, medium, and large businesses.
  • Support – email and tickets.
  • Total score – 8.8.


  • Customer experience – 98%
  • Pricing model – monthly, free, and quote-based.
  • Product features – email designer, email beamer, custom forms, email templates, integrations, merge tags, multi-user accounts, segmentation and groups, subscriber profiles, automation, spam filter diagnostics, email delivery, geo-location, email client list, RSS to email, delivery by time zone.
  • A/B testing.
  • Mailchimp coupon scanner.
  • Mailchimp editor.
  • Mobile sign up forms.
  • Mailchimp mobile.
  • Mailchimp snaps.
  • SMS for events and so much more.
  • Pricing info – this tool offers three pricing plans and they are new business plan, growing business plan, and pro marketer plan.
  • Languages supported – English.
  • Prominent clients – pearl jam, the onion, Rachel ray, New York Times, and billabong.
  • Integrations – wisepops, Wix, callloop, Joomla, google analytics, Gmail, PayPal, Etsy, kickbox, bigcommerce, Pipedrive, adobe muse, twitter, Facebook, Zapier, Magento, power BI, drupal, gleam capture and so much more.
  • Overall score – 9.0

These are the results when both platforms and tools are compared directly. And as you can clearly see, the Mailchimp emailing tool edges the GMass tool a bit.

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