Gmass For Gmail – Gmass Mail Merge For Gmail

What is Gmass for Gmail? Have you heard of the new powerful marketing inside of Gmail? Well if you haven’t heard of this tool as of yet and you are a marketer out there, then you really need to continue reading this article. To cut right through the chase I will be telling you of this new powerful marketing tool that is embedded inside Gmail. The name of this tool is Gmass. To take us further in this article I will be breaking down the name Gmass for you before doing anything extensive on the topic. The ‘G’ in the Gmass here simply stands for Gmail. Putting it together, it states Gmail mass.

Gmass For Gmail

Gmass For Gmail

Have you heard of mass email or bulk email messaging? If you have heard of it, then you should know that this is what Gmass for Gmail is all about. Well to make this more entertaining and interesting to you, this is one of the features of this Gmail tool. The main function of this tool is mass emailing. With this, it simply means that you can send lots and lots of emails to your clients and customers. It is the perfect email marketing tool. If you area digital marketer out there you should know what I mean. Ad also if you are a marketer out there and you haven’t started making use of this tool, then you need to start now.

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The Gmass for Gmail feature can be used to do a whole lot and they are;

  • You can connect it to Google sheets.
  • Track clicks, personalize, and schedule.
  • Send mail merge campaigns also with follow up emails automatically.
  • Create a mass email list based on your search results.
  • Set automatic follow up emails to be sent until you get a reply and so much more.

These are just some of the uses of this Gmass for Gmail feature. To learn more about this feature you will need to start making use of it.

Gmass Mail Merge For Gmail

When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing is very useful and important. The importance of this marketing tool cannot be overemphasized. Email marketing is in fact one of the most important marketing tools as it is one of the ways that makes your marketing campaign personal. With this tool, you can, therefore, communicate with your clients and customers in a more personal way and format. Since this tool was launched users all over the world have been giving ti positive reviews and if you haven’t made use of it yet as a digital marketer, this is the right time as it is not too late for you.

Gmass For Gmail Features

This tool is loved and used by so many all over the globe due to its features. And in this segment of this article, I will be writing and listing to you some of the features that you will get to enjoy when you start making use of it. Some of the features are;

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  • Personalization.
  • Campaign level reports and analytics.
  • Mail scheduling.
  • Send a large number of mails and even exceeding Gmail’s sending limits
  • Automatic follow up emails.
  • Integrate your Google sheets with it.
  • Behavior-based campaigns.
  • Email previewing feature.
  • Email replies management.
  • Optional unsubscribe link.
  • Email list builder and new messages or replies and so much more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this feature. When you start making use of it you will start learning about the features and how it can be beneficial to you as a marketer in the long run.

Gmass Plugin For Gmail

Do you know that there is a plugin for this tool? Yes, this is true. Gmass normally can be accessed via your existing Gmail account or independently. But now you can install it as a plugin on your chrome web browser. Many users already have this plugin and if you haven’t gotten this plugin, it is high time you get it on your browser. To install this plugin on your chrome browser, go to chrome web store. On this page click on the ‘add to chrome’ button and follow the on-screen instructions to successfully add it to your browser.

Gmass For Gmail Pricing

Making use of the services of this too is not free of course. To make use of the features of this tool, you will have to select a plan and subscribe to it. The pricing and plans on this platform are as follows;

  • Minimal.
  • Standard.
  • Premium.

These are the three plans on this platform. And to make use of this tool, you will have to select a plan and then subscribe to it. And as you may have figured out by now the process for the plans vary and they are;

  • Minimal plan – $8.95.
  • Standard pricing – $12.95.
  • Premium – $19.95.

Each of the plans listed above is stipulated on a monthly basis. To know more about the pricing on the platform and how they work, check here.

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