Global Air Ambulance – International Ambulance Transport Options

Before we get to what the Global Air Ambulance is, what is an Air Ambulance? In case you are new to what it is, Air ambulance is a specially equipped aircraft, typically a helicopter, that is used to transport sick or injured people to the hospital for an emergency.

Global Air Ambulance

If you need to evacuate to another country, and you are now in need of an immediate medical evacuation, Global Air Ambulance is very qualified to take them home, or probably travel to the country that would offer them the treatment they deserve. Patient transport is usually complex, and patient flight usually adds a level of complexity that is best taken care of by a company like a global air ambulance.

Global Air Ambulance

Global are ambulance has transported over 200,000 patients around the world just within the past 30 years with a safety record of 100%, which is more than other air ambulance companies. Global Air Ambulance has over-transferred patients from every country and every continent, even from countries that have been at war or facing a major conflict.

Global Air Ambulance’s extensive network of international assistance teams would enable us to handle a much safer and reliable patient transfer or potentially saving hours or days required for a critical care patient.

During the COVID-19 period, every country has its own permit, quarantine, and medical records requirements. Even at that, Global Air Ambulance transferred COVID patients every single week ever since the pandemic started and is a leader in handline safe environments for all their patients, passengers, and crew.

International Ambulance Transport Options

International Air Ambulance:

This is one of the fastest ways to evacuate a patient. Just within the hours of contacting the ambulance services, a medical jest would be sent on it way to the city of the patient. The ambulance medical teams would visit and then assess your patient upon arriving in your city. After the crew of the international air ambulance takes a mandatory rest period, they would go return to the patient by ambulance to take the patient and the passengers to the ambulance jet parked at a private terminal not too far away. You would meet custom immigration there, and shortly after, you would depart.

International Airline Medical Stretcher Patient Transport

For all those patients that are flying internationally and have more time, Airline medical stretcher happens to be an option that would support critical care patients sometimes for only half the cost of a private air ambulance. While you cannot access airline stretchers in the united states, north, and south America, airline medical stretcher transfer would offer extensive ICU medical life support services to and from other continents of the world including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia.

International Airline Medical Escort

Lots of patients can be transferred via an international airline medical escort at a fraction of the air ambulance. With this option, a Flight RN nurse would come to the patient via a wheelchair van and then ride with them in the van to the commercial airport. After arriving at the airport, the flight RN nurse will wheel chair the via the airport to a waiting business class seat on a commercial airline. The seat can be lowered to help the patient lie flat and the nurse can offer the patient medical care and comfort care if necessary.


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