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Glanbia Nutritionals is a global health nutrition company that is on a mission to prime health leaving by delivering better nutrition for every step of life’s journey for the general public. The company specializes in nutritional products that help keep people healthy throughout Their life.

Glanbia Nutritionals
Glanbia Nutritionals

Glanbia Nutritionals has so many types of innovative science-led dairy and nutritional products that are on market today. They are a very big company and they are doing very well when it comes to innovative nutrition products.

Glanbia Nutritionals

Their goal is to create a better richer, healthier, and more sustainable source of nutrition for the enhancement of human life. The normal do work with nature and science in order to achieve the best way possible to provide nutritions.

Glanbia Nutritionals has a decade-long history in the production of nutritional products for the public. They also partner with beverage, food, and supplements companies that deliver protein, plant-based, bioactive, premix, flavor, bakery, functionally optimized nutrients, edible film, and aseptic processing solutions for a range of customers. Whether it be a small start-up company or a multinational one this company provides these nutrients for all.

What are Glanbia Products?

As a result of the fact that this company is passionate about nature’s goodness, they work with farmers all over to provide the ingredients to make Their special products. The company specializes in both diary and non-diary products for the public. Some these products include;

  • Including cheese
  • nutritional and functional nutrition solutions
  • flavor solutions

They also deliver nutritions such as:

They own brands such as Millac which is the pioneer in the fat-filled milk powder business and for over 50 years Millac is one of the best brands.

What companies does Glanbia own?

Glanbia is a global company this means they do not only own a few brands there are many brands under the control of this company. Their portfolio comprises of 9 different brands operating in over 130 different countries of the world. All the 9 brands include the ones listed below:

  1. Optimum Nutrition
  2. BSN
  3. Isopure
  4. Nutramino
  5. ABB
  6. think!
  7. Amazing Grass
  8. Body&Fit
  9. SlimFast

According to the company each of these products has Its own brand identity and uniqueness to appeal to the customers.

How many Countries does Glanbia Operate In?

As a global company with up to 9 different brands operating directly under this company, they have products in over 130 countries in the world. Although the company is directly based in 34 of these countries they deliver better nutrition all over the world.

Each of these nine different brands has their products that each differs from one another. Some of the products are powders others are capsules, tablets, drinks, smoothies, bites, and bars.


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