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Getting started with Facebook dating can really be a difficult thing considering the fact that you are a beginner. Facebook dating is a new feature that is still under development. This simply means that it is not available to everyone right now.

As the name implies “Facebook dating” this is a dating feature on the Facebook platform. Having said that, you must have a Facebook account before you would be able to access this feature. If you don’t already have one, I’ll be writing the steps to open a new Facebook account below.

Getting Started with Facebook Dating

Getting Started with Facebook Dating

Getting started with the Facebook dating has some requirements you must meet. For instance, the official adult age is 18 years in the united states. You must be up to this age before you would be able to set up a dating profile.

The Facebook dating profile is totally different from the original Facebook profile although they share some information. If you want to begin your dating life on Facebook, then this article is a good way to start up. I urge you to read every step of this article.

Create a Facebook Profile

A Facebook profile is totally free to crate. The same thing applies to the Facebook dating profile. If you don’t already have a Facebook account, then you need one to create your Facebook profile. Creating a Facebook account gives you access to create a dating profile. Follow these steps to create a Facebook account;

  • Open any web browser you prefer using.
  • Go to the Facebook website at
  • When the site opens, find the “sign up” link and click on it. This link is usually at the bottom of the sign-in form.
  • Fill the sign-up form with all the information required.
  • The next phase is verification. In this stage, you’ll have to verify your mobile number or email address.

After verification, your Facebook account would be fully set up.

Access Facebook Dating

Accessing Facebook dating is another issue most people face on the Facebook platform. This feature is very easy to access. Before you try accessing it, you should check to make sure that Facebook dating is available in your country.

IF it isn’t, then you should try at all. If the Facebook dating feature is available in your country, open your Facebook app and log in. after logging in, hit the three vertical lines to open the menu options on Facebook. Scroll down to find Facebook dating and that’s it. If you are using the web version, navigate to

Set Up Your Facebook Dating Profile

Setting up your Facebook dating profile is another easy thing you might actually love doing. After enabling the Facebook dating feature on your Facebook account, Facebook automatically creates a profile for you through your original Facebook profile. Your Facebook dating profile can then be edited manually.

Finding a Date on Facebook Dating Profile

After setting up a profile, it’s pretty easy to find a date. All you can find on the Facebook dating platform is a potential date. Finding a date is all up to you. I mean, a potential date would only agree to date you if he/she is interested in you. Now, whether the person would be interested in you all depends on you and the way you chat.


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