Get Ready for Adire Heritage Festival 2022!

Adire Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of African music and culture and this is the 5th edition of the festival. As a result of covid19, the event has been on hold for 2 years and now it is back, bigger and better.

Get Ready for Adire Heritage Festival 2022
Get Ready for Adire Heritage Festival 2022

It is also a festival that unites people both in Nigeria and in the diaspora. The Adire Festival will be hosting all the stakeholders in the Adire Industry from the dye makers to the fabric weavers, to the fashion designers, batik makers, Adire makers, Fashion Stylists, users of Adire, and lovers of Adire, Art, and culture.

At this festival, there will be SME business owners from all over the country to display not only their ready-made products but also their homemade African products. Also, there will be other events like the Sisi Adire pageantry where the winner will be the ambassador of the Adire festival for the year, spoken words, etc. In the event, the vendor of the year will be crowned.

The Adire Festival Focus

  • To celebrate African Heritage and culture through Adire Fashion.
  • To unite all Adire stakeholders and encourage collaboration.
  • To encourage the participation of youth in the Adire Business which would encourage creativity and infusion of technology.
  • To change the narrative of Adire from Fabrics alone to other creative materials like Adire wallpaper, rugs, chairs, curtains, etc.
  • The Adire Festival also focuses on increasing the GDP of the African continents by providing more job opportunities and providing export opportunities for youth in the Adire Business.

The Adire Event Agenda

  • Panel sessions on the traditional Adire and modern-day Adire
  • What can be done going forward to embrace global attention?
  • Training on batiks and Adire making.
  • Fashion show to cap the event.
  • The keynote speaker for the maiden

How To Register For the Adire Festival Event

Click here to fill in the following

  • Trading name. Here you fill in the name of your business.
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social media address and submit.

When is the Adire Festival 2022

The Adire festival 2022, will be held from the 5th to the 11th of December 2022 at the National Museum Onikan Lagos. From 10:00 am to 7:00 pm WAT daily.

Advertisement of Products

The adire festival has space for adire makers who want to advertise their products in their brochure. There are several categories for this

  • Quarter page advert – N25,000
  • Half-page advert – N50,000
  • Full-page advert – N100,000
  • Frontpage advert – N150, 000

Adire Festival Trading Criteria


Due to the number of applications and limited spaces, the completion of an application form and deposit does not determine acceptance to trade in the festival. Successful candidates will be contacted via email.


There will be available and already made stores and pitches, and if you intend to bring your pitch ensure that you submit the size of your store in your application.


All vendors, particularly those selling food should ensure that their prices are affordable. This is because adire festival is an event that is attended by many

people from different places. Caterers should attempt to arrange special offers for people with families.


The selling of alcohol by traders is not permitted except on special occasions, Any trader found to be selling alcohol will be removed from the festival site and will not receive a refund or fee.


Traders are only permitted to sell goods and services that are in the category to which they applied. Also, the issue of more than one trader in a store is not allowed.

Traders who violate this policy will be either required to pay an additional fee or may be required to cease trading and leave the site.


Admire heritage festival team will be on-site a day before the event, to direct candidates to their given space upon arrival. Candidates should keep a copy of their application form and terms and conditions for your reference.


There will be overnight security provided at the venue of the event – THE NATIONAL MUSEUM, ONIKAN, LAGOS.


All electrical equipment must be in good condition and correct storage procedures adhered to. Candidates are to come along with their fire extinguisher.


Traders are expected to keep their surroundings clean throughout the festival. They are also expected to have waste bags at their store. Also, waste bins will be provided across the site for traders.


There will be no movement of vehicles on site once the festival starts. If you need a refrigerated vehicle on site, notify the trader’s manager in advance to determine any power requirement. Also, there will be a charged fee for it.


There will be no subletting of stalls under any circumstances. If a trader is found guilty he/she will be removed immediately and no refund or trader’s fee will be offered.


If you wish to withdraw from trading at the festival after a successful application, 50% of the trader’s fee will be refunded to you only if you give notice two weeks before the withdrawal.


At the end of the festival, you must ensure your pitch is left exactly as it was when you arrived. Clean and free of any waste. Food waste is not permitted to be emptied in the grass.


Do not submit your form if you did not include all the required information.

Rate and Payment Methods

Category Rate Discount Rate Commitment Fee Days of Trade
Promotion and Sampling Stand 200,000 150,000 100,000 7
Mini Sampling Stand 150,000 130,000 100,000 7
Stand Alone Pavilion 100,000 85,000 70,000 7
Fashion Show 80,000 75,000 60,000 7
Market Setting

(A table and a chair)

50,000 45,000 35,000 7


Group discounts and other forms of payment are available and negotiable. Contact:

or WhatsApp at +36 20 351 0972.

Also, the children’s sports or activities fees are based on request.


When is the Adire Festival 2022?

The Adire festival 2022, will be held from the 5th to the 11th of December 2022 at the National Museum Onikan Lagos. From 10:00 am to 7:00 pm WAT daily.

How can I  Register for the Adire Festival 2022?

To register for the event click here.

Enter the following:

  • Trading name. Here you fill in the name of your business.
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social media address and submit.

Are Children Allowed to Attend the Event?

Yes! Children are not left out. There is a provision made for children in the event. Also, their sports or activities fees are based on request.



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