Free Social Media Management Tools: 5 Free Social Management Tools

Free Social Management Tools. It could be quite tasky and difficult for you to keep track and monitor your social media accounts especially if you are the type that runs multiple accounts for marketing purposes. Moving from one account to another, posting messages, and making engagement with your followers seem to exceed your capacity and strength.

Free Social Media Management Tools

Free Social Media Management Tools

With the use of social management tools, running multiple accounts simultaneously and achieving the aforementioned has been made a piece of cake. There are diverse and various social management tools that can greatly help or assist you manage your social accounts. Some of the tools come at a token and you can also enjoy free plans as many of them come along with it.

As we proceed in this article we would be giving you a detailed explanation of some of the best social management tools that you can make use of

5 Free Social Management Tools

Some of the best social management tools that you make use of to increase efficiency and productivity across all your social media accounts are listed below:


PromoRepublic is a social management tool that doesn’t come with a free plan, but it offers you as a user a free 14 DAT trial. We can actually come to the conclusion that the tool is one of the cheapest. One of the special features of the tool is that it is design-oriented; you can easily make beautiful and attractive posts without leaving the app. It makes it extremely easy for you to schedule and share your posts across all your vital social platforms


Just like PromoRepublic, it doesn’t make provision for a free plan for its user’s and its cheapest plan is $48 per month. With the use of this application, you can easily connect all your social accounts together


This social management tool offers its users three paid plans with an inclusion of a free plan. The free plan works in a way that allows you a user to make a schedule of unlimited Posts to one social profile. What differentiates it from its rivalry’s is that it has more Spartan and provides more privileges


Sendible is a social management tool that enables its users to enjoy a free 30-day trail on all its plans and its less expensive plan goes for a fee of $24 per month

Just like many others, the tool does not come with a free plan, but you are entitled to a free 14-day trial. And its cheapest plan goes for a fee of $8 per month. This plan is suitable for teams that are just starting with management. The tool mainly focus on increasing the rate of efficiency and productivity of your team


Day by day through the advancement of technology and science, we find it very easy to carry out our daily activities with ease. There is absolutely no need to start undergoing the stress of running multiple social accounts on your own. With the availability of highly efficient social management tools managing multiple accounts has become less tasky and stressful.


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