Free Movie Streaming Apps – 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps of 2021

Are you in search of free movie streaming apps? The way we watch movies have changed greatly if you have noticed. People are now moving from cable TVs and cinemas to the internet. Due to this reason, a lot of online platforms have been established just to suit this need. Some of these platforms are popular and we might have come across them.

Free Movie Streaming Apps

Free Movie Streaming Apps

Most of these movie streaming apps though are not for free. Platforms such as Netflix and Hulu are paid movie streaming apps. This, therefore, means that you have to pay a token or a fee in order to stream movies on their platform.

However, the good news here is that there are lots of other platforms online where you can stream and even download movies for free. You don’t have to pay a dime or subscribe before you can do this. All you need is your internet-enabled device with which you can stream.

The Top 5 Free Movie Streaming Apps

Now that you know that there are platforms online where you can stream movies for free, what’s the wait for? Let’s see the top five movie streaming platforms online right away;

Tubi Tv

This platform like most of the platforms I will be discussing with you has a wide catalog of free movies to choose from. The movies on this platform are neatly arranged into categories such as comedy, romance, action and so much more. Movies on this platform are of high quality. The platform itself works smoothly. You can also search for movies. Movies on the platform come with subtitle files also.


This is one of the top free movie streaming platforms in the world today. It offers a great collection of movies. This platform also has its own exclusive content known as popcornflix originals. You can also find your favorite TV series here also. Movies on this platform are of high quality and the platform itself works smoothly.


This platform is kind of different from the other platforms. Unlike other platforms, this platform will point you to other platforms where you can stream movies for free. With that being said, the platform is a huge one. There is a tweak here on this platform though. This platform will also point you to paid movie platforms also.

Sony Crackle

Sony crackle owned by Sony pictures is a big name when it comes to movie productions. Surprisingly this platform is a free platform. The contents of this platform are so rich and vast. Just that the platform runs ads on its movies. This means that you have to watch a few ads while streaming our movie. Considering the vastness and richness of the platform, we can all agree that it’s worth it.


This platform is another ad-supported platform. The platform is mainly for Hindi movies, classics, and documentaries. Therefore you shouldn’t expect any latest movie releases. The app has a smooth interface; anyone can easily understand and make use of it. The player is simple and the movies are of great and high quality.

How to Download Free Movies Streaming Apps

These apps are free and are also available in most app stores out there. You can get most of these apps on your android, iOS, Roku, and Xbox one, play station, amazon kindle, and other devices all for free. All you need to do is to visit your device’s app store, search for any of these apps mentioned above, and install them on your device.


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