Fortnite 19.01 Came with Tornadoes in the Island

Fortnite 19.01 Came with Tornadoes in the Island. A new update on Fortnite just arrived today, and while it might be somewhat small in scope, these new features that it adds are big. That is true and obvious as Fortnite Island has been invaded by tornadoes and lightning storms to the game.

Fortnite 19.01 Came with Tornadoes in the Island

Fortnite 19.01 Came with Tornadoes in the Island

However, contrary to what you actually might think, these aren’t necessarily disasters that you can avoid, but rather tools to be utilized.

Effect of the Tornadoes

Just as explained by Epic Games on the Fortnite website, tornadoes and lightning would actually benefit the players. When a tornado forms, when a player runs into it, it sweeps you up and starts spinning you around just as we expect a tornado to do. Once players are inside the tornado, players get to exit and glide back down to the solid ground or wait for the tornado to eject them.

Epic states that players that are thrown right out of the tornado would not be affected by fall damage, so it seems like you can confidently hitch a ride on these funnel clouds when you want. Tornadoes seem like a great way to get away from the enemies that outmatch you, but we also expect to see players make use of them for a quick traversal.

Effect of the Lightning Storms

To add to the tornadoes, the Update also introduces lightning. You would take damage if you are struck by lightning, but that does not mean that you should avoid lightning storms, as Epic states that they would help give you a speed boost. While we are yet to be aware of the precise amount of damage lighting will deal with players, Epic states that it is a negligible amount.

Epic also states that lighting would set the surrounding area on fire, so it could actually be used as an offensive weapon if you can bring a fight under the dark storm clouds that form in the sky. To better the chance that you have of getting struck, Epic states that you should go underwater, or find the highest point beneath a storm cloud.

The Flare Gun makes a Grand Return

Epic has also introduced a Flare Gun. If you are looking to start some fires, the Flare Gun is obviously the safer bet than a lucky lighting strike, as you’ll find it in chests, ground spawns, and supply drops.

While Tornadoes, lightning, and the flare gun are returning are the only thing that is included in Fortnite version 19.01, this patch also kicks off tornado week in-game.

From now until January 17th at 9 AM ET, tornadoes would have a higher spawn rate, so be prepared to take a ride in some funnel clouds. Competitive players can still have a great game as tornadoes, lightning, Microsoft Shares the Surface Laptop SE Teardown to the competitive playlist.


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