First-Ever 165-Inch Folding MicroLED TV – M1 4K 165-Inch TV Features

The First-Ever 165-inch Folding MicroLED TV has been launched, but trust me it is not cheap. While Samsung has been touting its massive 292-inch MicroLED also called the Wall ever since the year 2017, a new challenger has entered the competition, and this challenger might Give Samsung’s Monstrous MicroLED a run for its money.

First-Ever 165-Inch Folding MicroLED TV

First-Ever 165-inch Folding MicroLED TV

This new screen is named the M1 4K 165-inch TV and it’s being made by an Austrian outlet called C-Seed. What would make it special aside from its large screen size, is that it hides away underneath the floor when it’s not available in use and costs. Be prepared for this. Almost half a million dollars ($400,000 or around £300,000 / AU$520,000).

When it rises out of the floor, the M1 stands around seven feet tall and had four panels that would fold together seamlessly thanks to the C-seed’s adaptive Gap calibration technology that renders the border between the screen’s panels completely invisible. It’s is really impressive, but with the price, not a lot of people would be purchasing it. it’s very hard to look at the M1 and not feel a tinge of envy. Why would anyone not wants to purchase a 4K HDR TV with HDR10+ support that just tucks away neatly whenever it’s not in use.

M1 4K 165-inch TV Features

At the top of its cool looks, Samsung says its version of MicroLED TVs can hit up to 4,000 nits of peak brightness and have black levels that rival OLED screens. Considering that the panels are most likely sourced from Samsung, our guess is That the M1 would likely be capable of the same thing.

While the M1 way out for most of the Use. Unfortunately, so are most other commercially-available Micro LED TVs right now. The most affordable model, Samsung’s The wall in 146-inch screen size, has been stated that the price is around $300,000 and it is not available in any retail store.

There happens to be hope on the horizon that Samsung’s smaller-size MicroLED TVs such as the 88-inch version of the Wall that’s coming later this year will be affordable. Considering that 88-inch versions of the other much higher-end TVs like the LG Signature ZX 8K OLED TV go for around $30,000. It can be a while before we would find one that is cheap.

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