Fintech Company: List of Some Fintech Companies

Financial company or technology which is shortly known as Fintech is the technology and innovation whose major aim is to be in competition with traditional financial methods in delivering financial services. It is an upcoming industry that makes use of technology to enhance activities in finance.

Fintech Company

Fintech Company

Some of the various examples of technologies focusing on making financial services easily accessible to everyone in the use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing, borrowing services, and also cryptocurrency.

Financial technology companies are made up of both startups, financial institutions that are established, and also technology companies who are doing their best to substitute or improve the use of financial services made available by financial companies that are already in existence.

List of Some Fintech Companies


Industry: E-commerce

Located in New York, NY

Riskified makes provision of an AI-powered platform that keeps e-commerce sites safe by giving them access to easily differentiate legitimate shoppers from fraudulent requests. Legitimate shoppers can be easily converted into customers by using tools such as dynamic checkouts, alternative payment processing, and chargeback guarantees.

This includes Riskified’s ATO prevention and pre-authorization solutions, getting rid of leaks in the e-commerce purchase funnel, and developing a better customer relationship alongside.


Industry: Security

Located in Marina Del Rey, CA

Spring Labs ensures that secure information is transferred between businesses by using a transparent blockchain that is powerful and real-time data ledger technology. It gives businesses the opportunity to decrease fraud by confirming identities with different types of products and income stability indicators, protecting consumer data, and also streamlining the approval process for credit transactions.


Industry: Consulting

Located in Los Angeles, CA

BLX Group makes provision of compliance consulting, investment, and financial advisory services to nonprofits and government organizations. They give a lot of investment options and regulatory advice to assist organizations invest their time and money with wisdom. They have their headquarters located in Los Angeles with branch offices in New York, Dallas, Phoenix, and Tampa.


Industry: Banking

Located in Chicago, IL

JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. They are currently operating operations in over 100 countries and have been established since 1799. The company has kept their integrity, fairness, and responsibility in operating intact over the years and are in the process of deploying $1.75 billion in philanthropic capital to regions all through the globe by 2023.


Industry: Banking

Located in San Francisco, California

Chime is an upcoming mobile bank that allows no-fee and automatic savings accounts, also payday through direct deposit. Chime is has been rated as one of the fastest-growing banks in the United States with more than one million that have been opened.


Industry: Banking

Located in San Francisco

Varo Money is a digital consumer bank that uses its digital app and other Fintech tools to assist users to achieve a thorough look into their finances. They give both checking and savings accounts and the accounts can be accessed via their completely transparent app.

The app allows instant money transfers and users get more knowledge as regards their spending habits. A minimum balance is not required to receive a Varo debit card and there are also no charges for overdrafts and foreign transactions.


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