Find A UPS Drop Off Near Me: How to Find UPS Drop Off Points Near You

Find A UPS Drop Off Near Me. Are you in the dark about how to find a UPS drop-off near you and its location? Or perhaps you have a dim understanding of its operations? If yes, in a simple and detailed manner. I will explain to you all you need to know about a UPS drop-off near you.

Find A UPS Drop Off Near Me

Find A UPS Drop Off Near Me

UPS actually means United parcel services which is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. It is involved in  supply chain design, execution, and management, freight forwarding and distribution, customs brokerage, mail, and consulting services

So the question is, how do you locate a UPS drop-off near you?

Can UPS Packages be Dropped Off – UPS Drop Off Near Me

Yes, if you’re probably thinking of how or if UPS packages can be dropped off, I will walk you through them below.

They are:

  • The first thing you need to know is that UPS packages are dropped at a designated *access point location* closest to you.
  • You will then have to submit your prepaid label for security reasons before your package can be received.

However, peradventure you don’t have a prep aided label, you can :

  • Contact the original sender for a return label.
  • Create a shipping label online.
  • And finally, you can visit the nearest UPS customer center near you.

What you to Know Before Dropping Off UPS Packages

When it comes to essential and basic things you have to know before dropping off UPS packages. it isn’t an arduous task, I will list them below.

These are:

  • There’s an access point in which you can drop your packages. They are participating retail outlets, just like a grocery store or petrol station that serves as a convenient. And efficient UPS parcel delivery and retrieval location. Moreover, labeled and prepaid UPS returns parcels can also be dropped off at any UPS location.
  • You must also understand that you will be notified and elected before you have your parcel delivered to a UPS access point location. This is at the time of ordering your goods with a notification, SMS. Or email sent to you when the parcel is ready for collection or has arrived.
  • Moreover, you must note that the package intended to be dropped off must not exceed 20kg in weight or 80 cm in length, with a UPS prepaid shipping label.

You can find a UPS access point near you to drop your package by calling their customer number which is 01 271 3605 or going to

How Long Do Packages Stay At UPS Access Point?

The UPS access point and other UPS stores can only hold packages dropped off for up to 7 calendar days at no additional charge. With customer centers holding packages for up to 5 business days.

What Are The Advantages Of The UPS Access Point Near Me?

There are a lot of benefits accruing to you dropping off packages at UPS stores or access points, am going to tell you some of these below.

They are:

  • It reduces the stress of getting the packages delivered as an individual with various retail outlets and points of delivery around.
  • As a customer, in case you have any questions or problems with the services, you can easily contact them and get problems solved effectively.

Haven understood what UPS drop-off near you is, how to find it and what it entails. It will be good for you to join the numerous number of people making use of their services to their advantage.

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