FeaturePoints Review: How to Earn From FeaturePoints

What is a featurepoints review? You probably know a lot about FeaturePoints and could be using it and have probably also given reviews about the app online to your friends. Well, this is going to a FeaturePoints review. And will share all kinds of details one might one to know before they start using they register or join FeaturePoints.

FeaturePoints Review

FeaturePoints Review

You might ask is this not another scam app or website well keep reading to find out. FeaturePoints has been in existence since 2002 and according to the site it has paid out more than five billion dollars to its users or members. It is quite possible to earn with this platform and it depends on the earning methods you are using so let us discuss how to earn from FeaturePoints.

How to Earn From FeaturePoints

Here you will see the ways to earn from this platform.

Taking Paid Surveys

This is one way to earn from FeaturePoints. It offers a decent amount of surveys and if you join this is an earning method you want to check out. All you do is simply share your opinion about the topic the survey is about and then you get a reward into your FeaturePoints account. Though you may not qualify for some surveys this is normal. Also, the amount you get depends on the country you live in. but overall this is good and worth using as a way to earn extra money.

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Download Apps

This is a nice way to earn cash fairly easily by downloading apps. Once you are logged into your account see what apps you can download. You can earn by doing this from your phone or tablet let as it is apps for these devices that you are downloading. Sometimes it is enough to just download the app and open it for a few minutes other times you have to reach a certain level in the app to get the reward.

FeaturePoints Referral Code

If you are registering or register with FeaturePoints you will get 50 free bonus points right away. You need such code from a member to get your free points. You can search the internet for someone’s referral code or ask a friend who is already a member. Also when you refer others you also earn points.

Cash Back

If you shop online, you can get some really great deals if you do some of your shopping through FeaturePoints. They have the cooperation with hundreds of stores. These stores pay FeaturePoints a commission for sending you to the stores and they share the commission with you. So if want to shop online you can use FeaturePoints so as to get some good deals. This option is not available in all countries.

Watch Videos

There is a section on FeaturePoints where you get paid to watch videos. Though watching videos will not give you high rewards. If you watch only videos to earn it will take a lot of effort for you to get substantial rewards into your account.

Free Contents

Participate in free contests and earn. If you participate in being active on the platform. Every time you earned up to 20 points you earn one token for the contest. You use these tokens to get entries into the contest you want to participate in. and if you are lucky you can win some really nice cash

There are also some other ways to earn so if you are interested to join FeaturePoints to find out more ways to earn more cash. This platform has a really great earning opportunity and it also has very easy ways to earn.


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