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“Facebook Zepeto Avatar” I guess you must have been seeing some cartoon images on the internet lately? There are different avatar creators these days, of which some you already have heard like the bitmoji, facemoji, etc. The Facebook zepeto avatar is listed among the best as it has a lot more features to make the users find it comfortable and interesting. The Facebook zepeto avatar functions as a social media platform and also as a gaming app. It has a lot of pages, groups, and rooms from which you can access and connect to users around the world. There are more about it I will be writing about in this article. So it will be well you know about it.

Facebook Zepeto Avatar

Facebook Zepeto Avatar

The Facebook zepeto avatar is an app made by the snow corporation. It is a different app from the Facebook avatar. The app was created by the snow corp. in Korea. It features AR virtual stickers using augmented reality and photographic filters. The Facebook Zepeto avatar is a social media platform, and it is officially and popularly known as “Zepeto”. On the platform, you are displayed in a cartoon phase. Just like Instagram, you can upload pictures, record videos, and also tag friends to your posts. You can also follow other users and get followed.

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 Facebook Avatar Emoji

Facebook avatar (Facebook Zepeto Avatar) is a feature and not an app. it was recently added to the Facebook platform to make Facebook more creative for users. Instead of the usual like, love, sad, cry, and other emoji, you can use the Facebook avatar to express more feelings and activities on the Facebook app. it is only available to mobile devices, and also not yet available to all countries. It can only be accessed on the mobile Facebook app for only users age 18 and above.

Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020

The Facebook zepeto avatar can be accessed worldwide. It is available to all countries, and only on mobile devices. All you have to do is go to your mobile app store and search for Zepeto. Then you can get it downloaded on your device after which you register.

How to Register to the Zepeto Avatar

It is very easy to sign up or register on this platform. Your avatar (Facebook Zepeto Avatar) is also created from registering an account. For more details, I will be providing you with the basic steps required for registering your account.

  • Open the zepeto mobile app on your device (Facebook Zepeto Avatar).
  • Tap on create an account.
  • Fill in your email or phone number and click on next.
  • A four-digit code will be sent to whichever you used.
  • Input the code and click on register.
  • Then you will have to customize your avatar to fit your user. You can also use the AR camera to auto customize your avatar looks. Other customization like clothes and accessories will be bought and used here.
  • Fill in your name and surname.
  • Then finally fill in your user name and you are ready to go.

After this step, you can then access the fun features on the zepeto app. There are a lot of features you will be opened to after you have registered.

Note: You have successfully created your avatar in step 6 of registering your zepeto account (Facebook Zepeto Avatar). Skin tone cannot be changed once you have chosen your perfect match.

Features of Facebook Zepeto Avatar

Earlier said, there is a lot of fun and interesting features added to this app to give users fun and comfort. I will be listing out the major features of zepeto platform (Facebook Zepeto Avatar).


Just like every other social media, you can communicate and send messages to other users. The message icon is at the top right corner of the home page. You can message both your followers and non-followers as well as following and non-following.


The notification center is where you can get notified of activities other users do on your profile. Some of the notifications you can get are; followed users, users who like your post, etc.


This option is where you get a daily quest which provides you money and gems so you can buy clothes and other accessories for your avatar.


There are games you can use your avatar to play on this option. Users can access crew, toon, style, today, shot, zombie run, which job fits me, and other party games from this option.


You can see the daily status of users you follow on this side of the homepage (Facebook Zepeto Avatar). These statuses last for 24 hours. You can always get a photo shot to and post on your status for other users who follow you to see. You can like and comment on these statuses as well as others can do to yours.

Character and Trend

This is where you can customize your avatar. You can get clothes, shoes, and other accessories for your avatar on this option. The trend is where you can get the most bought and trending clothes (Facebook Zepeto Avatar).


The world is a different option found among the bottom lists of the page (Facebook Zepeto Avatar). You can go to pages, groups, and room to see other users and have fun together. You can access rooms like beauty and the beast and others.


This is where you get to edit your profile information, and also check on your followers and following, add a new character, and see the posts you have made.

There are a lot of other fun-loving features as I only have mentioned the major features on the zepeto platform (Facebook Zepeto Avatar). You can start chatting with friends around the world and also catch fun in gaming adventures.

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