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Facebook Workplace is a communication platform that connects everyone in an organization or team. It makes communication more effective and helps to reduce the distance between people in your company or workplace. Thus, the platform achieves this goal using voice & video calls, groups, chat, search, and other outstanding features. To stay connected with other people from your company using the FB workplace tool, you need to register.

Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace

The workplace from FB has amazing features that will empower and promote your business with a connection to other members.

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Newsfeed- the platform has a news feed; where members scroll through to view posts that makes use of the FB machine learning algorithms to keep members updated with important organization information.

Chat – it offers an instant messaging tool that allows text, voice calls, or video conference calls with up to 50 colleagues. Members can chat one on one or in group and also reach any of their colleagues with pictures, text, video, and voice.

Groups- it makes provision for spaces where members can upload documents, comments, manage projects, and work with other colleagues. Anytime you want to work in a group, you will use the group’s feature, for easy collaboration.

Multi-company collaboration- The Fb workplace allows users to work with other external companies or partners. Thus from the workplace, people can collaborate with business partners, suppliers, or other external teams using secure and private groups, video calls, and chat.

Auto translate feature- it offers an automatic translation that uses the same machine learning tech that server over 4 billion transactions daily on FB, to give a one-click translations in 46 languages.

Live video-  with live video feature workplace users can able to broadcast live from their mobile devices and get real-time feedback in the comment sections.

Workplace Pricing

Fb Workplace has three pricing options, the essential, advanced, and enterprise. The essential is free while the advanced and enterprise collect a certain amount for each active user. Registration for the advanced option is free for non-profit and staff of educational institutions.

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How To Sign Up For Fb Workplace

To register for the Fb workplace follow the directions outlined below

  • On your web browser, visit Facebook Workplace
  • On the workplace home screen, scroll to the “try workplace for free” button and click on it.
  • Provide your business email address or your workplace username in the column. If you don’t have an email account tap on create account with a code
  • And click on continue
  • Follow the guide on the screen

How To Join Using Email Message From Employer

If you receive an invitation to Workplace email from your employer, follow the directions below to join

  • Open the email sent to you and click on the “join your team” button
  • Scroll to the get started tab and tap on it.
  • Fill in the form with your name, job title, department and more
  • Move to the downright side and click on the “preview profile” tab.
  • Create your password
  • Confirm your password.
  • Tap on the find your team button beneath
  • Select the group you want to join and tap on the “ go to news feed” button.
  • You have successfully joined the workplace. You can now start to collaborate with your colleagues on the platform.

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How To Use Fb workplace

Before you can start using the FB workplace, you need to register first. If you don’t know how, read the procedure provided above. To start using the platform, login to the workplace. You can log in by visiting Facebook Workplace locate the login button at the left top corner of the page and log into the platform

Workplace groups section and discuss projects, manage information, and securely share documents with your clients or colleagues.. members can upload share and store unlimited files and also work live on documents.

You can locate the announcement, teams and projects, social and more, multi-company, and discussion group If you want to call your colleagues, locate the call icon. Thus you can voice calls or video calls on the platform. To text other members of the platform, use the chat or text section to leave messages or comments. Use the live video icon to make a live broadcast.

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