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Facebook Username – How to Change your Facebook Username

Users may have so many reasons why they will want to change their Facebook Username. It may be that they do not like the name they are using currently. Or that they prefer to use a new name they have in mind etc. users are given the chance to select any username they want for themselves as it is an important factor as this feature helps your friends to be able to locate you through your Facebook Username.

Facebook Username

Users should note that they should be careful in the username that they want to put in, it must not be something that could be easily forgotten. This feature will be of great use to you as it is part of your login settings if you want to login in your account on any phone.

Steps on how to Change your Facebook Username

Some users don’t really know where to change their Facebook Username. This has really been an issue for some users. But once you are on this page you need not border yourself anymore. This because on this content am going to guide you through on how to change your Facebook Username.

The following are steps given for you to follow if you want to change your Facebook Username

  • Sign in to your account on Facebook
  • Click on the menu bar at the top on the right-hand side of the page
  • Just click on the button that says “settings”
  • Click on the username button
  • In the box given, enter your new preferred username
  • And then your password
  • Click on the icon that says “save changes”
  • And instantly, your name will be changed

Users should not worry cause their account is still the same, the profile picture, cover photo, tags and everything are still intact, just only the name that is changed. Users should note that when they change their username now. They are given a specific period of time that enables them not to change their name until the time given passes before they can change their Facebook username again.

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