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There are lots for you to know about the Facebook Terms of Service, for you not to offend or go against the Facebook policy. Facebook as a social media have policies just the way other social networks do too, and these policies are what give Facebook a very good reputation. Also, keeps Facebook safe for users out there, making it very secured and a fun place to be (Facebook Terms of Service).

Now Facebook is all about chatting, sharing photos, and videos to friends and family online. So, it will be nice if there are rules, because some users can be very naughty some times and post some containing violence or maybe porn. Like I have said earlier this a platform for both friends, family, and even business people too (Facebook Terms of Service).

Facebook Terms of Service

Facebook Terms of Service

Apart from posting naughty things, Facebook does not allow spam too (Facebook Terms of Service). It does not allow users to showcase or advertise another platform on Facebook, except you pay for ads on Facebook. Once you pay for ads on Facebook, then it will no longer be spam, but you should also mind the way you post on Facebook groups. When you post on groups and what you posted is not what the group is talking about or go against the group then you may be penalized. The best thing for you to do is to know all these rules so that you won’t fall victim and be put in Facebook Jail (Facebook Terms of Service).

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Facebook Jail

Facebook is a punishment or when Facebook punishes an account or profile it could be that it blocks some features or disable the full account because it breaks the Facebook Laws. Also, when posting too fast, or giving too many likes, then you might be taken to Facebook jail. Now how do you avoid getting into Facebook jail? Well, it is easy and simple you just have to know the rules which also Facebook Community Standards (Facebook Terms of Service). Once you can know these rules and practice according to what you are been told to do then you will be far from Facebook jail and also offending Facebook.

Facebook Community Standards (Facebook Terms of Service)

These are the rules a user on Facebook must follow in order to not go against the Facebook rules. Facebook community standards and Facebook terms and policies are the same things, so if you are searching for any of these then you are welcome. You are on the right page and you are going to get all the information that will make you not go against Facebook law. Then you will be locked out of Facebook (Facebook Terms of Service). You should also know that before you can make use of Facebook, you must be up to at least 13 and above (Facebook Terms of Service). If you are not then you cannot have a Facebook account (Facebook Terms of Service).

Facebook Terms and Policies (Facebook Terms of Service)

I am going to be listing out the things you should not do on Facebook and If you can follow the rules then you are safe on Facebook. Here are the rules below (Facebook Terms of Service):

Terms and Condition

  • Don’t allow violence and incitement.
  • Also, does not allow dangerous individuals and organizations.
  • Do not coordinate harm and publicising crime.
  • Regulated goods: Should not post or sell non-medical drugs and marijuana or even firearms.
  • Don’t do fraud and deception on the platform.
  • Suicide and self-injury content is not allowed.
  • Child sexual exploitation, abuse, and nudity not allowed.
  • Sexual exploitation of adults is not allowed.
  • Bullying and harassment are against the rules.
  • Human exploitation contents are not allowed.
  • Privacy violations and image privacy rights.
  • Hate speech is not allowed.
  • Violent and graphic content not allowed.
  • Adult nudity and sexual activity are banned.
  • Sexual solicitation contents banned.
  • Cruel and insensitive posts or contents are not allowed.
  • Misrepresentation is not allowed.
  • Spam not allowed.
  • Cybersecurity: Do not allow attempts to gather sensitive user information through the abuse of the Facebook platform and products.
  • Inauthentic behavior is not allowed.
  • False news is banned.
  • Manipulated media is not allowed.
  • Memorialisation: When someone passes away, then friends and family can request that Facebook memorialise the person’s Facebook account .
  • Intellectual property: Facebook takes intellectual property rights seriously and believes that they are very important in promoting expression, creativity, and innovation in their community.
  • User requests: Now a user can request for the removal of a deceased user’s account from a verified immediate family member or executor.
  • Additional protection of minors: Now Government can request for the removal of child abuse imagery depicting, for example, beating by an adult or strangling or suffocating by an adult.

Or Legal guardian can request for the removal of attacks on unintentionally famous minors.

These are the terms and policies on Facebook, one you follow these rules then you cannot go against Facebook law (Facebook Terms of Service).

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