Facebook Shops Announcement – How to Create a Facebook and Instagram Shops

The Facebook Shops Announcement was made publicly to all Facebook users. This new eCommerce feature allows small businesses access to building online stores on both Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook is now allowing a business shop to sell products through Instagram. Whatsapp, and Messenger. As well as tagging products during live broadcasts. If you own a business and need to boost sales online, then this is your opportunity to learn about it. Read more on this article to be educated about the Facebook Shops Announcement and How it Works.

Facebook Shops Announcement

According to the Facebook CEO, the basic idea behind Facebook Shops is to allow businesses to build an online store. And sell products directly across Facebook and its family apps which include Facebook and Instagram.

With this feature, business owners can create a dedicated shop section if they are on Facebook or Instagram. And they can get to build a catalog of products and services that visitors or buyers can browse, save, share, and purchase.

Now, every business whether big or small can now benefit from Facebook Shops Announcement. It is easy to create, just like creating a normal profile for yourself. The Shops are highly customizable.

Facebook Partnership

The company is partnering with Shopify, BigCommerce, Woo, as well as other sales companies to help brands bring their product to the Facebook Shops. Local businesses will now be able to use their third-party platform to manage their Facebook Shops. As well as other social ads that are related to the same shops.

How to Create a Facebook Shops

Here is how to create a Facebook Shops:

  • Go to the Facebook platform facebook.com or launch the Facebook mobile app.
  • Login to your account.
  • Open your Facebook page. Otherwise, create one.
  • Click on the page.
  • Then click on the Shop option from the page menu options at the left part of the screen.
  • Set up your shop details.
  • Configure your payments for product ads.
  • Add some products to your Facebook shop.

And you are set and ready to take orders. Ensure to always check on your page so as to get orders managed. And you are done.

How to Create an Instagram Shops

Follow the steps below to create an Instagram Shop:

  • Launch the Instagram mobile app.
  • Sign in to your account, otherwise sign up.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Then tap on Business and then tap Shopping.
  • Now select the product catalog you desire to connect to your account.
  • And select Done.

Then your Instagram Shop is ready. Always remember to upload new products and keep your orders managed.


Finally, Facebook is aiming for a way to make it easier to earn rewards with businesses you love. This will be done by allowing users to connect to their loyalty programs.


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