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Facebook has added an improved feature known as the Selling feature. It is made to improve the features for buying and selling things on the platform. On Facebook, buying and selling have become the order of the day, marketers get to meet their customers. Also, buyers discover new things to get. The feature has made it easier for sellers to mark posts as Available or Sold and easily view their catalog of items previously sold. Facebook Selling Features was added for the benefit of sale Group members using the platform. It is actually designed to make listing and selling items on the platform’s groups more efficient and easier.

Facebook Selling Features

Facebook Selling Features

This new sell feature can be selected by “For Sale Group” members when they create a post. Facebook Selling Features allows members to create a description for the item that they are selling, the price, and also pickup/delivery location. Once a post is made, the sellers can mark the post as Available or Sold. (Facebook Selling Features)

Facebook Online Marketplace

I know you might be thinking that sellers have already been adding descriptions, prices, and locations, Yes. However, this new feature makes it easier or rather it simplifies the whole process. By so doing, it helps to cut down confusion. Group admins might have an easier time getting members to add appropriate information when they are creating a sale’s post. Facebook Selling Features also prevents older posts from getting bumped up to the top of a feed due to buyers requesting more information. (Facebook Selling Features)

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Can the Feature be turned on/off?

Well, the answer is yes. You can decide to turn or off the feature. The choice is all yours to make. Now, this question will bring us to the aspect of how you can turn on or off the feature. It is simple to do and can be done using the Facebook app or official website. (Facebook Selling Features)

How to Turn On/Off Facebook Buy and Sell Feature

It is easy to do, but you must be an Admin of the group to switch between the feature. Follow the steps below to do that:

Computer/ Desktop:

  • From your Facebook account web, click on Groups. Select see more of it’s not shown.
  • Click in the Group you want to edit under Groups you manage.
  • Then click on Settings.
  • Select edit next to Group type under Add Extra Features.
  • Select Buy and Sell and then click on Save.

To turn off:

  • Click on Groups.
  • Click on the Group you to edit under Groups You Manage.
  • Then select settings and click on edit to Group Type under Add Extra Features.
  • Select a group type and click on Save.

On Mobile;

To turn the buy and sell group feature on or off, follow below;

  • Launch the Facebook app and then tap in the menu icon.
  • Tap on Groups and select your group or the one you’d like to edit.
  • Then tap on the Blue icon with star and tap Group Settings
  • Also, tap Group Type, then select Buy and Sell or select a different group type
  • Tap on Save in the top right.

That’s all, it will be done immediately. But you should keep in mind that these features are only available in selected groups and countries.

Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace (Facebook Selling Features)

Now if you want to sell and buy on the Facebook marketplace you can, as long as you have a Facebook account. If you are a Facebook user then you are ready or set to go. After creating your Facebook account then you will be able to access the Facebook marketplace for free. To know how to access the Facebook marketplace then you should read below.

How to Buy in Facebook Marketplace (Facebook Selling Features)

Buying in the Marketplace is easy and quick to do. Here’s how you can sell on the Facebook Marketplace;

  • From your Newsfeed, go to Marketplace.
  • Then hit on the item you want if it is shown or Search for it.
  • Then message the seller.

You have a conversation with the buyer to know if the item you want is still available for sale.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace (Facebook Selling Features)

To sell an item on Marketplace;

  • Open the Marketplace and then but on Create a new listing and select item for sale.
  • Click on Add photos to upload pictures of the item you want to sell.
  • Provide the recommended information about the item on the page.
  • Click on Next and then Publish to post the listing.

Your listing will be added to the platform and it will be available for interested buyers to get it. (Facebook Selling Features)

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