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Here is another creative idea from Facebook called Facebook polls. This Facebook poll is both productive and amusing. It is an avenue to share and gain information very fast. Whether you are asking your friends about what they feel about a new movie you watched or you are asking them which of the products people would be more interested to see available on your online boutique. The Facebook poll allows you to easily and quickly gain access to well-tailored information just for you.

Facebook Poll

Facebook Poll

To create a Facebook is quite easy and quick to do, so whenever you are you feel the urge to know what people might be thinking about you can just make use of the Facebook poll. This gives you an opportunity to seek other opinions on what you might be thinking.

The Facebook poll is similar to other features on Facebook such as tagging a location, tagging friends, adding videos and photos, and also tagging an event. One of the major advantages of making use of the poll on your page is that it will help you to generate leads and even make sales according to the needs and preferences of your audience.

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Facebook Poll Creator

Do you know that running a poll for your followers and friends on Facebook is a great platform to help you make some decisions, create debate, and spot check other opinions? Meaning it gives you a hint of what people are thinking. Among all the social platforms, the Facebook poll has become one of the rated and proven to be useful and successful in getting users engaged and showing what people are thinking about a certain topic.

Create Facebook Poll

Recently, social media has now realized the power of polls, and the majority of the big companies and brands online have incorporated the use of polls into their arsenal. This is because a lot of people love to declare their preferences and opinions. You can do this manually on Facebook by asking a direct question on your status, but with a feature as Facebook polls, you need not do that. The poll allows you to ask questions to your audiences and get answers to them.

How to Make a Facebook Poll

If you wish to create a Facebook poll on a group page, below are the laid down procedures;

  • First off, go to your group page
  • Then tap or click on the top bar where it says “write something”
  • Select the option “Publishing Tools”
  • Once you are on the page of the publishing tools, click on +Create and select Poll.
  • You may now enter your question and the possible answers
  • With this, you will receive many answers within a short time.

Lastly, if you feel you don’t want others to add their options or maybe select multiple options, you can set it, so in the Post Options settings on the left corner, you can easily uncheck those settings. Also, you can have the option to add a scheduled time of your choice that you would like your poll to be posted. It is also important you figure out when your poll will end as the owner of the poll you can adjust the end time. For more information on the poll, kindly visit the link below; https://www.instafollowers.co/blog/.

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