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At times, we have issues with our Facebook pixel. Sometimes, we do not know if the Facebook pixel is working. Although, there is a way to check that it has to do with a long process in which you have to go back to the ads manager following some instructions. But with the Facebook pixel helper Google chrome browser, it is so easy.

Facebook Pixel Helper Google Chrome

Facebook Pixel Helper Google Chrome

The Facebook pixel helper Google chrome is an extension that acts as a troubleshooting tool that helps you know if the Facebook pixel is loaded and installed successfully and working perfectly on your web pages.

For those who are new to what Facebook pixel are; they are a piece of code installed on your website that helps you improve your ads and build an audience for ads campaigns. So, to be sure if the Facebook pixel is working properly, install the Facebook pixel helper extension on your Google Chrome browser.

Facebook Pixel Helper Google Chrome Download

It’s no longer a problem having to install Facebook helper on your website pages. If you can download the Facebook pixel helper via the Google Chrome web store, all these Facebook pixel issues will be history as the Facebook pixel helper is programmed as a troubleshooting tool to check any errors, give warnings, and also show success in the installation of the pixel. To download this special tool, follow these steps:

  • First and foremost, you make sure the Google chrome browser is on your device, if not, take a head-on approach to your AppStore and get it downloaded and installed. This is because it can only be found in the Google Chrome web store and nowhere else.
  • Log on to the Google Chrome web store via the google Chrome browser
  • Type in the keyword ‘Facebook pixel helper’ in the search bar
  • Tap the blue highlighted ‘add to chrome’ button at the right-hand corner of the screen
  • Tap the ‘add extension’ button and it will be added automatically

With these 5 easy steps, you have no worries about Facebook pixel issues that may arise. Based on default, it does happen to appear at the corner of your browser. It can be activated by clicking it and it starts its operation automatically in the background.

Using The Facebook Pixel Helper

You don’t need a manual or a pdf file that reads ‘how to use Facebook pixel helper. It’s so fast and easy to operate. As long as the Facebook pixel helper icon is displayed on the Google chrome background, you just have to pay attention to when it changes color. Now, the Facebook pixel helper icon changes color which explains the status of the Facebook pixel.

The Facebook pixel helper icon on the Google Chrome browser changes color to blue, yellow, red, and grey. The blue icon indicates that the website is using Facebook pixel or I prefer to say there is a Facebook pixel detected on that website. The yellow or red icon; like always, as red indicates danger, shows that there is a problem. Well, this is the most amazing part, it shows you the warnings and errors through a description. Lastly, the grey icon just shows that there is no Facebook pixel.


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