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“Facebook Pay Limit”. Facebook Pay is a service created by the Facebook Company to make making money transactions online faster, easier, and more secure. You can use it as an app for sending money to divide bills with friends or as a service to make orders online. Facebook Pay was introduced by Facebook Company in the year 2019 on November 12. Although there have been existing payment platforms on Facebook and Messenger already, it is recent that Facebook announced its plans to roll it out to other apps and websites (WhatsApp and Instagram) which they have accomplished.

The difference between Facebook Pay versus the old ways is that Facebook allows online payments, and you can have the payment method used in their other apps. When you finish signing up, choose your payment method, you can buy things easily and exchange money with recipients from any of their apps.

Facebook Pay Limit

Facebook Pay Limit

Facebook Pay currently works on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. It works on all the platforms, so you can use it through their websites or via mobile apps. Only some countries can make use of Facebook Pay presently, but Facebook is still making plans on extending the service to other countries eventually. Facebook Pay is mainly used for two purposes, to buy things online or to pay people, depending on what you want to do.

With the use of Facebook Pay, you could buy things from their market place, buy game and events tickets, and even donate to fundraisers and more. To set up Facebook Pay, you will require a Facebook account. If you have not tried out Facebook Pay, here is an opportunity for you too. Read down to know the limit of Facebook Pay. Facebook Pay does not charge any fees, it is easier to set up.

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How to Use Facebook Pay

The simple way to start using your Facebook Pay is to attempt sending money to someone. Below are the steps on how to make use of Facebook Pay;

  • Firstly, open a conversation with the person you wish to request money from or send money to.
  • Tap the four dotted menu on the left side of the text field. It is the plus sign on computers and might be an arrow if your keyboard is open.
  • Choose Pay Friend. You will have to click the money icon if you are using the desktop version of the site
  • Enter the amount you intend sending and an optional note, and make a choice of either REQUEST or PAY.
  • Add the information of your payment (debit card, credit card, or PayPal)
  • Choose the payment method you have added to your account
  • Select Pay or Request to complete your transaction

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay has no specified limit as far as you have money in your credit card or PayPal. So, unless you exhaust the money in your account you can send as much as you like. Although, there might be a maximum amount you can send per transfer. For more information about the Facebook Pay limit, you can visit the following link; https://www.supermoney.com/reviews/money-transfer-services/facebook-pay-money-transfer.

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