Facebook Network Audience: How to Set Up the Facebook Audience Network Ad Source

The Facebook Network Audience is a feature that gives an extension of people-based advertising far ahead of the Facebook platform. By making use of this platform, publishers can easily earn make money by displaying ads from Facebook advertisers in their apps.

Facebook Network Audience

You will need to set up the monetization manager if you know you are interested in managing your monetization with the FB Network Audience. This will assist you in managing your apps and placements, have a clear understanding of your performance, and also optimizing your earnings in a place.

Facebook Network Audience

There are also various objectives that are supported by the Facebook Audience Network, they include Brand Awareness (video only), Reach (video only), Traffic, Engagement (video only), App Installs, Video Views (video only), Conversions, and Catalogue Sales

How to get started with Facebook Audience Network

To start making use of the Facebook Audience Network is not difficult at all, all you have to do is to follow the steps below and you can get started:

  • The first step to take is to set up your account by creating a Facebook Business Manager account or by signing in with your already existing account. You will have to use this account that you have created to log in to Monetization Manager, which is the Audience Network platform for the management of your ad monetization.
  • The next step to take is to add your app: You can do this by the addition of details of the app you want to begin to monetize and the Facebook team will review it to be certain that it complies with their policies.
  • After you added the app, the next thing to do is to create your placement: You can easily set up your first placement by selecting from the various lists of flexible formats which include rewarded video, interstitials, and playable. Also, it is necessary for you to integrate the Audience Network SDK (app).
  • After you have successfully created your placement, then you can make your money by publishing your app and you will be receiving payments every month into that bank account of your choice. The ads that are served into your app come from Facebook advertisers who have made the decision to run their ads on Audience Network.

How to Set Up the Facebook Audience Network Ad Source

You can follow the steps below to set up the Facebook Audience Network Ad source

  • First of all, Log in to http://platform.aerserv.com/ and tap on the Ad Sources link at the top of the page
  • Tap the + or the Add New Ad Source button on the page
  • Input a Name for the ad source.
  • Choose Facebook as the ad source
  • Next, input the fields that are particular to the Facebook ad source.
  • Test Device ID by retrieving the ID from the debug log
  • After that, input a CPM
  • Choose a placement(s) to assign this ad source to and choose any geo of your choice or device targeting
  • Finally, tap the Save button and the process will be completed.

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