Facebook Messenger Upgrade its Voice Messages and Payment Power

Facebook Messenger Upgrade its Voice Messages and Payment Power. Just days after Facebook’s Parent company Meta lost over $200 billion in value right after a dip in its daily users, the company now seems to be on a feature addition overdrive.

Facebook Messenger Upgrade its Voice Messages and Payment Power

Facebook Messenger Upgrade its Voice Messages and Payment Power

Popular Photo and video sharing platforms Instagram actually became the first to get these significant feature updates, when on February 8, 2022, the platform got a lot of updates to work on the app’s privacy and security capabilities. A day later, it was the turn of another meta-owned app “Facebook Messenger” to get its own share.

In contrast to Instagram, where the recent features update dealt with user privacy and security, the new update to Facebook Messenger happens to be more tangible in nature and is actually intended to improve user engagement on the platform.

Among the new features that are available on Facebook messenger comes the ability for it to make split payments, a completely new feature that is tagged the “vanish mode,” and the ability to send longer duration voice clips to contacts. Some of these features can only be accessed in U.S. residents, and it would only work on the Android and iOS versions of the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger Split Payments Feature

As of 2019, Facebook rolled out payment services that they called Facebook Pay on the Facebook and Messenger apps. This feature was an extension to the company’s existing person-to-person payments feature, with the added benefit of payments being available to the much broader suite of Facebook-owned apps.

Aside from allowing Facebook users to send and receive money for fundraisers, Facebook Pay also enabled interesting features like in-game purchases and purchasing event tickets. One feature that Facebook Pay actually lacked, however, was the ability for them to split the bills, until now, that is.

This new split Payments feature is at the moment being rolled out to Facebook Messenger users that are in the United States. The feature is getting integrated with Messenger’s group chat feature and it would enable users to split bills evenly between the participants in the chat. Below are the steps to make use of the split payment features on Facebook Messenger.

  • First, you would be required to open an existing group chat or create a new group chat on Facebook Messenger
  • Tap the “+” icon and choose the “payments” tab, and then tap on “Get Started”.
  • Select the people with that you wish to split the bills with
  • The app would offer you the option to split the bills evenly between all the participants selected, or customize the amount.
  • Once the user has added the amount, the user also would be granted an option to send a personalized message right before the payment is confirmed.
  • Confirm all the required payment details, and then tap on “send” to complete the request.

Disappearing Messages

With several instant messaging apps like Snapchat, Telegram, and WhatsApp offering support for disappearing messages for quite some time now, it was only a matter of time before Facebook Messenger also supports this feature. A new feature has started to roll out, and it is called “Vanish Mode” for Facebook Messenger users.

Immediately you turn on the Vanish mode, all the messages, stickers, and memes sent would immediately disappear right after the recipient sees them. Switch between the Vanish mode and the Normal mode is acquired via the help of a swipe-up gesture.

In other to make use of this feature, users are expected to keep a chat window open and swipe up to turn on the vanish mode. In other to switch it off, repeat the process once again, and the chat will revert back to the normal mode.

Longer Voice chats are Now Possible

The other new feature added on Facebook Messenger is sending a much longer voice message. Until now, the length of the voice clips that were sent through messenger was limited to just one minute. But that is no longer the case and the app now offers support for sending really long voice messages that could be up to 30 minutes in length.

With the ability to send much longer voice clips comes the ability to pause, preview, and delete messages that have been recorded right before sending them. This is acquired with the aid of a new feature called the voice message recording controls.


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