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What is the Facebook marketplace selling etiquette? The Facebook Marketplace is a destination for a marketer or a seller to display items they will like to sell or owned items they will like to part with, as well as it serves as a destination for buyers to explore displayed listen and place an order for purchase via Facebook Messenger because it has no “buy now” feature which leaves both the buyer and seller responsible for the transactions.

Facebook Marketplace Selling Etiquette

Facebook Marketplace Selling Etiquette

Since the responsibility falls upon the buyer and the seller to come to a reasonable negotiation to progress with the transactions, it is required of both parties to show a level of etiquette especially on the part of the seller who is looking to make money from the items they no longer need or items that are taking up space in their house.

Selling off items you no longer need has been made ever so easy with the advent of Facebook Marketplace. In the last few years, the Facebook marketplace has been quickly surpassing Craiglist as an online marketplace. If you haven’t used it yet, it’s time to start! However, before you can successfully make a good profit, there is certain fundamental etiquette you should know. Below are the fundamental etiquette you need to know:

  • Facebook marketplace shoppers are looking for deals. They’re not coming here to buy a family heirloom
  • Buying on the marketplace takes more effort than buying in a store. You have to message a stranger, go back and forth, make sure they aren’t a serial killer, plan a time and place to meet, and possibly have exact cash ready.

The Facebook Marketplace Selling Etiquettes

Think of this like a business owner would, and make it as easy as possible for someone to buy your items. Write in full sentences and be kind in order to make these buyers feel more comfortable messaging you. The following are Facebook Marketplace selling etiquettes that will keep potential buyers who have messaged you as a seller about your items posted for sale:

  • Make use of pictures. Clear pictures with several angles that will show your listings are in great condition. Avoid posting dark and blurry pictures, it immediately makes buyers question your trust
  • Be honest and descriptive. If there is a mark or a dent on something, include a picture and mention it! It makes people trust you more than it scares them away.
  • Be specific about your location without giving your address. In doing so, you are protecting your address and yourself as the seller because both parties would end up meeting at a public place that is safer.
  • Be specific about pickup and the time for pickup
  • Be specific about your price flexibility. State whether or not the posted price is negotiable, it eases the transaction
  • Don’t make too many listings at once.

Use Facebook groups to your advantage. Almost every area has different “buy and sell” groups, which help more of the right buyers to see your items. You can join groups that list baby items, furniture, electronics, and even real estate.

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