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There are lots of interesting features on Facebook, and one of them is Facebook Marketplace. If you have always wanted to buy and sell stuff on Facebook, Marketplace is the answer you need. This part of Facebook was created just to help people sell and purchase items easily, and ever since its creation, it has been very successful.

Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell

Every day, a lot of people place items for sale, and a lot of people buy items from Facebook Marketplace. This feature of Facebook was created to make trading easier, and if you are interesting, you can be a part of the marketplace. The steps towards joining the marketplace buying and selling are not so complicated, and later in this article, I would be stating it for you.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook made buying and selling a lot easier with the introduction of Facebook Marketplace. The best part of using the marketplace is that it allows you to list your items to people that are close to you for free. Facebook marketplace is not an extension of Facebook, but a feature created directly inside Facebook. This app has been delivering just as Facebook expected it to with the multitude of people making use of it every day.

How to Access Facebook Marketplace

If you have not accessed the marketplace before, then that should not be a problem. There are not many complications to accessing the marketplace as Facebook places it in an easy-to-access position. Also, know that the Facebook marketplace feature is not yet in all countries so accessing it might not be an available option for some people. To access it, follow the steps stated below:

  • First, login your Facebook account
  • Then tap on the three horizontal lines icon to open the menu
  • There you would find the Marketplace app click it.

And you are in.

How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace

First, you are expected to have a Facebook account that is active to buy and sell on the marketplace. Once you have that follow the steps stated below to buy on the marketplace.

Buying on the Marketplace

  • First, login your account on the Facebook marketplace
  • Then at the left column of your Facebook homepage, click on the marketplace
  • In the marketplace, you would find a list of several items. You can browse through the marketplace if you want, or if you want to purchase a particular item, you can search for it.
  • Once you locate the item, click it, and then click buy on the next page.
  • Confirm your purchase and make your payment and that is it.

Selling on the Marketplace

  • On the marketplace, click on sell something
  • Select items available
  • Enter the name of the item, price, location, and category of listing
  • Upload 10 photos of the items
  • And click post.

Wait for a buyer to click on your items, and you would be selling on Facebook Marketplace.

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