Facebook Marketplace App – How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace App – How to Buy On Facebook Marketplace App

We will be talking today about the Facebook Marketplace App. Once upon a time, Facebook users made use of Facebook groups to buy, sell, and trade. But now Facebook has made buying and selling easy by launching its marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace App

Facebook launched a new feature which is known as the Facebook marketplace app. it helps to enhance buying and selling among people.

This Facebook marketplace app is a feature that allows users to buy and sell. The Facebook market place is a great platform to discover, buy, and sell with people in your community.

Also, one great advantage of using the Facebook marketplace is that no fee attached when you use the Facebook platform.

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Facebook Marketplace App

If you are using an iOS device, the Facebook marketplace app icon is located at the bottom of the app.

But if you are using an android device the icon is located at the top of the app. if you are using a web browser, you can locate the marketplace icon on the left-hand side of the Facebook page.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace lets Facebook users who are 18 years and above to post pictures of their sales items, and also browse items by other sellers too. Facebook users can engage in buying and selling via this Facebook platform.

If you do not have a Facebook marketplace, it could be that the Facebook marketplace is not yet available in your region. It could also be that you do not meet the facebook age that is required to use the app or you just joined the Facebook platform.

You also need to ensure that you are using the updated version of the Facebook app. The age required to use the Facebook app is 18 and above. The marketplace app is available to Facebook users who are 18 years of age or those who have crossed 18 years of age.

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How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace App

To sell an item on the Facebook market place, do this;

  • Take a photo of your item. You can also add it from your camera roll.
  • Next, add your product name, description, and price.
  • Confirm your location.
  • Select a category.

Posting an item on the Facebook marketplace would enable people who are looking in your area to find your product and also locate you if they have an interest in buying your product.

How to Buy On Facebook Marketplace App

Did you ever find something on the marketplace that you are interested in buying but do not know how to go about it? well, here is an easy way to purchase items from the Facebook marketplace.

  • First, click on the image so as to see more details about that item.
  • The product details will include the product description, the name, and profile photo of the person selling. And it will encompass their general location.
  • Then you can decide if you still want the product or not.
  • However, if you are still interested in the product, all you need to do is to send a direct message to the seller from the marketplace to make an offer.
  • It is now left for you and the seller to strike a deal.

With these steps, you will be able to purchase any item from the Facebook marketplace app. You can also save an item so that you can find it later.

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