Facebook Live Black Friday Pre Sales – Facebook Black Friday – Facebook Black Friday Pre Sales

The social media giant will be hosting the Facebook Live Black Friday Pre Sales event on the Black Friday date. To this event, Facebook users will be reminded about the Black Friday event. Black Friday page is on Facebook with the name “BlackFriday.com”. So, remember to connect to Black Friday via their Facebook page.

Facebook Live Black Friday Pre Sales

Facebook Live Black Friday Pre Sales

Most of the Black Friday Pre Sales are already been displayed om Facebook Live under the BlackFriday.Com page. Facebook users can check in to get some discounted deals preview. There will be a lot of deals that will be previewed there on the Facebook Live Black Friday Pre Sales Event. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these sales.

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Facebook Live

The Facebook Live is a feature of the Facebook platform that allows users to display their current activities on Facebook. Facebook Live may be a feature of the Facebook social network that uses the camera on a computer or mobile device to broadcast real-time video to Facebook. Live broadcasters can decide who on Facebook can see their video and use this content to interact with their audience during the moments and events that are important to them.

  • Tap the camera icon to the left of your search bar.
  • Give Facebook access to your camera and microphone when prompted.
  • Switch to “Live” on the underside of your camera screen.
  • Choose your privacy and posting settings.
  • Write a compelling description.
  • Tag friends, choose your location or add an activity.
  • Set your camera’s orientation.
  • Add lenses, filters, or writing and drawing to your video.
  • Click the blue “Start Live Video” button to begin broadcasting.
  • Interact with viewers and commenters.
  • Click “Finish” to finish the published.
  • Post your reply and save the video to your camera roll.

Black Friday Pre Sales

Black Friday as known globally, is an event hosted after Thanksgiving Day which is on the 26th of November 2020. The Black Friday Date is on the 27th of November, 2020 which is a day after Thanksgiving. To this event, shoppers can get a lot of discounted deals from several retail stores including Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and a lot more.

The official Black Friday website is www.blackfriday.com, and they’ve got a Facebook page with the title “BlackFriday.com”. The Black Friday pre deals have already begun since the first Friday of November dated the 6th. There is a lot of Black Friday Pre Sales ongoing already, and you shouldn’t miss out today before the Black Friday main date (27th November 2020).

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How to check on the Facebook Live Black Friday Pre Sales

Black Friday has gone live on their Facebook Page (BlackFriday.com). Facebook users can get their live pre-sales deals from Facebook via going to check on the Black Friday page under Facebook Live. Follow the steps to get Facebook Live Black Friday Pre Sales:

  • Go to the Facebook webpage facebook.com, or launch a mobile app.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account or create one if you are not yet on Facebook.
  • Tap or click on the Facebook homepage.
  • Then select “See More”.
  • Scroll and select Live Videos.
  • Search for BlackFriday.com.

Then you will get the Black Friday Pre Sales deals on their live videos. You can quickly click on the link under the video description to head directly to their site. Here you can get your order set for delivery.

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