Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming Service

Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming Service. And while it still operates continually on the public dispute with Apple, Ant Group prepares for a massive IPO and Pinterest embraces iOS widgets.

Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming Service

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The social media giant is launching a cloud gaming service of its very own, though its focus differs from that of Google’s Stadia or Microsoft’s xCloud. Instead of trying to recreate the console experience on other devices, the Facebook recent gaming service is limited to mobile games, especially on limiting the friction between seeing an ad for a game and playing the game.

Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming Service

The cloud gaming service is launching on both web and on Android, but it’s not made accessible on Apple iOS devices. Facebook blames Apple’s App Store terms and conditions for the absence of reasons.

Facebook’s Jason Rubin said that Apple’s rules for cloud gaming service present “a sequence of hurdles that altogether make a bad experience and usage for consumers.”

Other Tech Giants Startups, Funding, and Venture Capital

Twitter will display to its United States users a warning notification about voting miss information and delayed election results. The social media users in the U.S. will see two large notifications on the top of their feeds that is targeted to “preemptively debunk” misinformation related to the United State 2020 Presidential Election voting.

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Ant Group might as well raise as much as $34.5B in IPO based on the issue of what would be the world’s largest IPO. The long-awaited IPO of Alibaba-affiliated Chinese fintech giant Ant Group could also raise tens of billions of dollars in the dual-listing on both the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchange rates.

The social media platform “Pinterest’s” now is a new widget that brings photos from favorite boards to your iOS 14 home screen. As iPhone users who have upgraded to the iOS version 14 proceed to customize their iOS device home screens with new widgets and custom icons, Pinterest iOS downloads and searches are included.

Tencent is on the lead with a $100M Series B funding round for the China-based export provider VSPN which was founded and established in the year 2016. VSPN has been one of the first pioneers in export tournament organization and content creation out of Asia.

Linktree also raised $10.7M for its lightweight, link-centric user profiles. The Melbourne fundraising startup says that 8 million users, including celebrities like Selena Gomez and brands like Red Bull, have already created profiles on this platform.


This startup is targeted and aimed at fixing the broken structure of internships. Symba created a white-label software that is meant to help companies communicate and collaborate with their now-distributed interns.

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