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Facebook holocaust memorial day – Facebook is one of the best social media platforms in the world if not the best. The platform can mean a host of different things to each individual making use of the platform. it can be a leisure palace for some, while some persons, on the other hand, the platform may serve as a marketing hub and so many more.

Facebook Holocaust Memorial Day

Facebook Holocaust Memorial Day

What is the Facebook holocaust memorial day? Well, there is no actual Facebook special day commemorating the holocaust memorial day. But one thing I can tell you that this very day is celebrated on Facebook just as it is celebrated in regions all over the globe. But before I go any further in this piece, do you know what Holocaust Memorial Day is or what it stands for, and why it is celebrated?

Well, I bet you don’t know and even though you know, how much do you know? For the sake of readers and those who know nothing about holocaust memorial day. Here is a brief trip down memory lane as to what it really is and what the day marks in the international scene.

Holocaust day also known as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a very special day. This day isset aside just like the international children’s day for example that commemorates the victims of the holocaust. This is a day set on the 27th day of January of every year. For those wondering what the term ‘holocaust’ here means, here it is.

Holocaust is the genocide of European Jews by the then Nazi Germany between the year 1941 and 1945. The day 27th January was then selected to mark the day the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the red army in the year 1945.

During the time a record 6 million Jews and 11 million others were killed by the then Nazi regime and its collaborators.

How to Remember the Holocaust Day on Facebook

On November 1st, 2005, the United Nations general assembly resolution designated 24th January. This is to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps and the end of the holocaust. Many nations of the world have their own Holocaust Memorial Day dates set on the 27th of January. While some, on the other hand, have got separate dates for it.

But whatever the date you are celebrating this occasion. Let the reason for the celebration not be forgotten. And users can also mark this very special day on Facebook. For one, there is a special Holocaust Memorial Day trust page on Facebook. This page is set up by a charity organization. And on this page, there are photos videos, and posts shared on the platform to mark this very day.

And as a charity organization, they are tasked with educating people more about the series of holocaust events. Also, you can make a donation to the organization. It is that simple.

And as a Facebook account holder. You can make posts, share photos and videos about the awareness of the holocaust day on your timeline to mark the day. And in order for you to do this, you must be a registered account holder on the platform.

In other words, if you do not have a Facebook account registered on the platform you will need to create one now. To do this, go to www.facebook.com on your device.


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