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Facebook is actually one of the best tools for reaching audiences as a brand, business, organization, or individual. And that is where Facebook Group vs Page comes in. The fact is anyone using Facebook can choose to create a Group or Page. But the real question is; how do know which one to choose or best for you? And that’s why we’ll be looking at the Group vs Page on Facebook. All you need to do is to read on.

Facebook Group vs Page

Facebook Group vs Page

Both Facebook Group and Page are useful and easy to create. As they have their uses and benefits. And that’s why most individuals or users contemplate which one is best for them to use or select. But you don’t have to worry about that because, in this article, I will be discussing briefly the important things you need about Facebook Groups and Pages. All you need to do is to pay attention and read on.

What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook Group is a community on the platform that acts as a hub for discussions and sharing of information for individuals with the same interest. Individuals who share an interest or trait, location, etc are connected groups on Facebook. There are so many groups for users to join and meet new people.

Also, users can join as many groups as they want and create as many as they can manage. But creating a group requires you to have a Facebook profile and the same goes for the page. Unlike Facebook pages, profiles would be shown or made visible in groups. Below are some main features of Facebook Group;

  • It shows basic information such as the group description.
  • Group rules are visible to be seen by members.
  • Facebook groups providing moderating tools for admins.
  • The inbuilt events calendar is included.
  • There are some optional surveys for whose requesting to join the group undergoes. Like I said optional, in other words, you can decline.

There are other features but above are some of them.

Is Facebook Profile a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page is a non-personal profile. That is to say, pages are created for businesses, brands, companies, organizations, or websites. Pages are also be created for public figures like celebrities and politicians. They differ from your typical profile on the platform, pages can be run by different individuals, followed or liked by users on the platform. Also, posts on the page can be promoted and monetized. Here are some of the features on pages;

  • The information displayed on a page profile includes a description, contact, location, and also operations hours.
  • With cash, posts can be boosted or promoted.
  • There’s an optional review tab.
  • Followers can be tracked and also post-reach using the analytics tab.
  • There’s a messaging functionality that allows followers to communicate with the admins of the page.
  • Page posts are prioritized on the homepage or landing.
  • With the community tab, community posts can be accessed.
  • Pages and groups can be linked.

There are many more features attached to Facebook Pages, but the above are just a few of the ones you can get.

Facebook Groups or Pages – What are the Difference?

The difference may not be much but sure there are some differences. Groups on the platform act more like a place for like-minded individuals to connect and communicate. While pages are designed as a personal profile for public figures, brands, businesses, companies, or organizations.

On pages, you get followers or fans, while on groups, you get group members who can post to the group and get reactions from others in the community. There is still so much difference you find between groups and pages.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Group and Page

Group Pros;

  • Communication is easy with the members via group chat wall posts, messages, emails, etc.
  • Businesses are allowed to promote events via Groups.
  • They display a higher degree of personality and personalization.


  • Additional applications for promotions are not allowed.
  • For businesses using Groups is harder to keep track of what the business is doing because Facebook Insights is not allowed.
  • Group Admin’s personal Facebook profiles are made publicly available for the members to see.

Page Pros;

  • Facebook pages are actually much easier to update and also stand as the better option for brands that frequently add new material.
  • They have customizable URLs and users can better promote the page to its fans or followers directly.
  • It offers more options for posting events, photos, links, etc.
  • Admins on pages can actually distinguish their content from that of others to actually make it stand out.
  • Banners can be created and the page can be personalized to the way or purpose of it.


  • They are harder to grow organically and often require marketing tools and cash to boost.
  • Conversations on pages are more difficult to manage.
  • With a page, things are more open, and because of that, you have to monitor things closely.
  • Promoting a page takes quite a long time, though it is easier to promote.

Deciding on which one is best for you or to use is probably going to boil down now. And I hope this article helps you to decide which is best for you to use.


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