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Playing group games has been proven to be one of the best ways to break the ice. And Facebook is also not left out. With Facebook Group games, users can compete and connect with each other to make better communication among group members. Games as an activity get everyone involved by creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere for all.

Facebook Group Games

Guests to the group would find the place so relaxing and entertaining, and they would leave their insecurities behind. This reality of life also implies Facebook. Facebook groups are created for users to connect and share with each other, and playing games is a great way of getting to know each other. I will be listing out some of the group games you can play on Facebook, so read on.

Facebook Group Games

Facebook Group Games are the games that can be played by members in a community within the platform. The platform has created lots of games for users to play and compete with others. Facebook games are free to play and you compete with friends or group members. Games like mad libs, hangman, boggle, anagrams, etc can actually bring life to your group or page. I know we are might know what Facebook means but there are still some out there that know. So let’s know what Facebook is.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media networking tool where users create profiles to connect, communicate and share with friends and family. The platform is actually one of the oldest platforms. There are also lots of things you can do on the platform such as;

  • Connect and meet new people near and far.
  • Set status updates and make use of the emoji to help relay what’s on your mind.
  • Share photos, videos, and memories.
  • Get push notifications
  • Find and locate local social events and make plans to meet with friends.
  • Play games with friends and family. Compete for or challenge.
  • Back up photos by saving them to your albums.
  • Follow your favorite websites, artists, and companies to get their updates.
  • Buy and sell using Facebook Marketplace.
  • Use the newest Facebook Dating Features.
  • Watch live videos and also make yours.

There are other things you can still on the platform, but first, you need to create an account or simply sign in if you have any.

Facebook Group Engagement Games

Do you know that Facebook group games make ways for the group to get more engagement? In your group, you might be spending all your time pouring content strategies to find ways of keeping your audience engaged in the group. Yes, the reward of the content might be nice and high. But have you thought about the fact that you might be overlooking or letting aside the simple, fun and exciting means? Instead of the posts and content, why don’t you try using Facebook Group Games?

Yes, there are lots of games to play on Facebook, but knowing the ones to play in your group to get engagement is the issue most of us are having. But don’t worry because I will be listing the games to play in your group to get user engagement. Here are some of the group games you can play;

  • Hangman
  • Mad Libs
  • Anagrams


This is actually a classic word game that helps individuals keep their audience engaged and entertained. The best way to go about this game is to create an ASCII character hangman in other to update how the audience is winning. Reply with comments with the latest updates while members are guessing with letters. Hangman is a game you need to try in your group and see fast results.

Mad Libs

This is another great choice to use. Mad libs are easy for the players to provide answers that they would like to share. The game sets up a story framework for the players and input blanks for key nouns and also verbs that require inputs. Group admins can make use of text posts to set the first part of the game and then let users submit their additions to the story using the comment box. Post the funniest and entertaining ones and also the well-done ones. Then you can give out prizes if you want.


Anagrams is a simple fun word game that makes use of tiles in order to create words from the jumbled messed letters. On the group, provide pictures of the tile set up. Then keep track of the tiles that are not being used by the winners to retain it. Anagrams game is another great game you can try on your Facebook group to get your audience more engaged.

More Facebook Group Games

The above are not the only games you can set up and play in your groups, there are others like;

  • Jumble
  • Boggle
  • Scrabble
  • Movie Flicks
  • Guess how many
  • Scavenger Hunt, etc.

That’s it.


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