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Have you heard of Facebook Garden Lovers? Stay on this article to find out what it is about. Facebook is a vast platform that accommodates the different passions and interests of people. No wonder it is a common ground for everyone. Garden lovers are not left behind. Facebook has a space for them referred to Garden Lovers on Facebook and they also have a meeting point on the platform.

Facebook Garden Lovers

Facebook Garden Lovers

The Facebook Garden Lovers can be found on pages, in groups, and in other places where people can relate with each other sharing ideas for a similar goal. If you are a garden lover and you are hoping to connect with others of similar passion and interest, and then continue reading.

How to Find Facebook Garden Lovers

There are several ways to find Facebook Garden Lovers and connect with them. You can find Facebook Garden Lovers in Facebook groups, and Facebook pages that have been created with the goal of sharing their passion, interest, and findings.

Facebook Garden Group

Now before you can join the Facebook Love garden group, then you must be a Facebook user, which means you must have a Facebook account. This is compulsory for all Facebook users, once you have a Facebook account then you are ready to go. There are lots of fun to have when you join this group, it has pages and also groups. so keep on reading and you will have full details about this (Facebook).

Facebook Garden Lovers Group

As earlier mentioned, Garden Lovers on Facebook can be found in groups and all that is required of you is to search for one of these groups and join. To go about this, there are several steps to follow. The steps involved are;

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your Facebook search on the Facebook home screen page.
  • Type in a particular garden group name, or the word “Garden” or the name of a garden plant.
  • Click on the “Groups “ on the headers of all the displayed search results.
  • Choose any of the groups you want to join and click on it.
  • Tap on the “Join Group” on the group page. You may be required to answer some questions for groups that are locked. Then submit your reply.

You will be added to the group or your request to join would be approved by the group’s admin(s). follow the above steps to join as many groups as you want (Facebook Garden Lovers).

Facebook Garden Lovers Pages

Facebook pages are also created on the Facebook platform for gardening (Facebook Garden Lovers). The pages could be created to share a particular aspect of gardening or the whole. Either way, gardening tips are being brought up and the knowledge shared to interest members or members of interest. You cannot join a page on Facebook instead, you like and follow a page. By doing this you get daily updates of whatever post is uploaded to the page. To follow a page, carefully do as these steps say;

  • Log in to your own Facebook account.
  • Go to the Facebook search column.
  • Type in a particular garden group name, or the word “Garden” or the name of a garden plant. A list of search results would be displayed.
  • Click on the “Pages” option on the heads displayed alongside the results.
  • Search and click on any of the pages of your liking
  • The page would be opened, then click on like. This action automatically likes and follows the page.
  • You can set the “follow setting” to default or see first. The “see” first lets you see any of the posts on the page as the first thing on your timeline.

if you have followed these steps correctly, you would have successfully liked and followed a page of your choice. There you can also share ideas but with the permission of the page admins.

Facebook groups and pages can be created by you too and add friends who you want to join. And also invite. Groups are created by individuals or organizations. You can start sharing your ideas and passion and also learn from others from the groups.


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