Facebook for Business free – How to Create Facebook Business Account

If you are in need of how to grow your business then try Facebook for the business-free features. All businesses should be on Facebook because it has a lot of users. The Facebook platform has more than 2.27 billion monthly users who use the platform on daily basis. Facebook users use the Facebook platform in promoting their services, increase customer supports and boost recognition also. If Facebook users are guided in the right way, there are opportunities for getting themselves rich.

Facebook for Business free

Facebook for Business free

Many users of Facebook think using Facebook for business is very difficult but, the truth is that they have not been directed in the way. They say so because the rules and algorithms of Facebook do change every day. Nevertheless, if you have someone to take you on the right journey, Facebook is one of the best tools for targeting a specific audience through paid campaigns.

Facebook Business Manager

The Facebook business manager is a free tool and it was created by Facebook to make businesses and agencies easily manage their company’s pages, ads account, catalogs and pixels in one place altogether without giving out your login information to other users or workers on Facebook.

Also, the Facebook manager help advertisers integrate their efforts across their business with outsiders. The Facebook Business Manager can help advertisers monitor their Ads, and assets like pages and Ads account. Add a marketing partner to help in managing your business in the right way for you to be successful.

How to Create Facebook Business Account

To create a Facebook business account is very simple, only if you follow the steps given to you correctly. From the Facebook business account, you will be able to manage your advertising campaigns, and Facebook pages. Below are a few steps to guide you in creating your Facebook business account.

Create your Facebook Business Account

  • Go to https://business.facebook.com/overview.
  • Click on the create account button.
  • Fill in the name for your business, your name and work email address and click next.
  • Fill in your business information and click on the submit icon.

How to Create a Facebook page For Business

Pages are public profiles for advertising your business. Pages are created to let individuals get awareness about your goods and services. Users of Facebook have to like or follow the page to start seeing updates of that page on their news feed.

Create your Facebook Page for Business

Follow the given procedures below:

  • First of all go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create
  • then, select the type of page that you want to create. You are to create a business page so, click on business/brand or community.
  • So you are to click the get started button the kind of page that you wish to create.
  • Next, enter your business information correctly, for your page name. you are advised to select the name that matches the kind of business that you engage on.
  • Select the category of your business. If you don’t know your category, Facebook will suggest some for you.
  • Once you have used your category, other columns will pop up. Fill in details like your address and phone number. You can choose if to make this information public or only you.
  • When you are done with selecting your privacy, you can view the policy before you click on the continue button.
  • Add your photos and cover images for your Facebook business page. The photos that you are uploading must match your Facebook page. If possible you can use a log for your Facebook business page.
  • Create your username for your Facebook page. Your username can be used to locate you on Facebook. Also, your username is also called your vanity URL. Your username can be 50 characters long.
  • After choosing your preferred username, click on the create page then, your page is good to go.

I’m sure these few steps will help you in creating your Facebook business page.


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