Facebook Down – How to Detect Fb Problems Using Downdetector

Is Facebook Down? Facebook is a networking and social media platform that lets its members create profiles, send messages, post photos, and videos, post stories, and also collaborate with friends, family, and other members of the platform. It also provides a platform for third-party developers. Sometimes Facebook users encounter problems when they try to access FB feeds. The down detector is an independent outage monitor that trials outages worldwide by tracking social platforms. It shows a map of places affected by Facebook issues.

Facebook Down

Facebook Down

Most times users find it hard to connect to Facebook, the whole social network could be down, or maybe your FB app, your account, or computer is having issues. That is why its difficult to figure out if Facebook is down for all or you’re the only one experiencing it. Nevertheless, there are signs you can use to dictate if FB is down for everyone or just you alone.

Facebook Notifications Down

Users of social media network platforms have been sending their reports that they are not able to access their Facebook notifications. You will need the Down detector. Down detector collects status reports from FB and other series of sources, and sends reports on their websites or apps. With the reports they got, they auto-detect outages and services disruptions in their early stages. However, before sending reports to a down detector, you need to try some tips to tell if it is down.

Best Way to Tell If FB is Down

If you’re not sure if FB is down for all, try the tips below.

  • Go to FB status Page and find out if things are running smoothly and to ensure its server is not having issues.
  • Search Twitter for Facebook down. Go to the tweet timestamps to find out if other people are having issues with FB. If so, then you will know it’s general.
  • You can check Facebook’s Twitter Page to see if there’s is any updates on whether FB is down.
  • However, if you’re unable to access Twitter and other well-known social network sites, it only means one thing, which is that the issue might likely come from your side or your ISP.
  • Try to Use a status checker site. There are lots of status checker websites you can use to detect if FB is down. Sites like Downdetector, down right now, down for everyone or just me, outage. report etc.

Using all this device, you can tell if your Facebook is down or not.

How to Detect Fb Problems Using Downdetector

To access the Downdetector website for analysis on FB issues, you need to visit www.downdetector.com on their main page. Move down and select the platform from the options, if you can’t find FB among the websites listed on the page, kindly locate the empty column that says “which service are you having problems with” input “Facebook” in the column and then hit the search button to begin the process. Alternatively, take the steps below.

  • Progress to your browser.
  • Type in www.downdetector.com/status/facebook/map/.
  • On the Downdetector website, scroll down, you will see the FB outage map.
  • You will see if there’s any problem on FB. If so, places having issues with FB will show on the map.

However, considering the numerous reports on Downdetector, FB users send reports for not being able to create posts, reload feeds, or upload stories. Though they don’t have a clear cause of the problem, the issue affecting most regions worldwide including Central Europe, India, the US East Coast, and East Asia.

Tips on What to Do When You Have Issues Connecting to FB

Basic things you need to try out when it seems you’re the only one having issues with your FB.

  • If you want to access FB via the web you have to make sure you enter the correct web address www.facebook.com.
  • If you access FB using a mobile app, ensure you’re it’s an app designed for your type of device. For instance, download the application for iOS or get the correct app for Android devices.
  • Try to access FB from the web if you’re using its application, vis-versa.
  • Close down your mobile app, if you access your account via the web, then close all browser windows. Then wait for about 1min, open a window, and try to access the platform again.
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache.
  • Check for malware on your PC.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Try to check your DNS server. Who knows? The problem might come from there.

If you try the above possible solutions to your FB connection problems, and it’s still not connecting or working well, then the problem might be from the internet.


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