Facebook Dating Site Is Free Now 2021: Facebook Dating Reviews | Facebook Dating App

Wow, good news as you all know Facebook Dating site is free now 2021. Of course, it has always been free but for those who don’t really know this, it is important information. Dating on the Facebook Platform is very unique and allows you to meet with different types of people on Facebook.

The dating platform gives you the opportunity to be able to meet the partner of your dreams. However, the platform helps singles and others to connect with one another via the Facebook dating app free download. More so, if you have the app you are one step away to meet your dream partner.

Facebook Dating Site Is Free Now 2021

Facebook Dating Site Is Free Now 2021

So if you are still in doubt of the Facebook dating site been free now 2021, all you need do is read down for more details. What most people find remarkable is that Facebook has chosen to make dating services accessible to its users for free. As a result, Facebook does not charge for the dating service.

There are no premium plans that allow users to pay for extra functionality. Everyone has access to all features on Facebook Dating for free. Each and every user is a premium user. There are several dating sites within this social media platform. But, the main dating platform on Facebook is the Facebook dating app.

Facebook Dating Online

Therefore, to use Facebook to meet singles online you need to search for singles in your location by activating your device GPS. Also, put on the location and also including near me to your search keywords. Furthermore, if you are using the Facebook mobile app then you need to grant the app permission to access your device location.

Besides looking for singles in your location, you can as well search for singles in various other locations too. This is possible by simply including the name of the place in your search keywords.

Can I Download Facebook Dating Free?

The answer is no. The Facebook dating feature is buried within the Facebook app and will soon be made available on the Facebook official website. Once you download and install the Facebook app, you can then start using the app to undertake dating activities via your profile account. However, before you can use Facebook dating, you will need to create or set up your dating profile.

 Facebook Dating Site

Finding romantic partners and close friends could seem to be personal, which is the reason it has to be safe. Safety, privacy, and security are the priority of this service. How does it work? As long as you are a Facebook user, you can opt-in to the use of this service by creating a dating profile.

How to Setup Dating on Facebook

Therefore, in order to activate the Facebook dating 2021 feature, you have to set up your dating profile with these few and easy steps;

  • Launch the main Facebook site either on your PC or mobile phone and log in to your account.
  • Right on your account, go to your profile section. Look at the top, tap on the Heart icon you see.
  • Also, you can as well click on the Menu caption and select the Dating feature.
  • Furthermore, set up your profile by putting your location, interests, gender, and a picture of yourself.
  • Lastly, confirm the profile that you have set and proceed to the dating homepage.

If you followed the steps above congrats as you have successfully activated the dating feature. Therefore, you can now enjoy the outstanding experience on the Facebook dating feature for you. you can get more details on the Facebook dating site free 2021 here.


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