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Have you heard of the Facebook Dating Site Free App? Does Facebook have a dating app, tool, or feature? If Facebook does have a dating tool, is it free unlike other dating platforms in the world? Do you want to know the answer to these questions and many more? If yes, then continue reading. In this article, Facebook dating site free app’ I will be telling you all you need to know about the Facebook dating tool, feature, app, and tab.

Facebook Dating Site Free App

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Facebook Dating Site Free App

What is the Facebook dating site free app? Well do not be confused about the header; this simply is referring to the Facebook dating feature. Some persons are still new to the dating feature by Facebook, while some persons on the other hand are not new to it.

Since the launch of the Facebook dating tool, the feature has been gradually rolled out to some regions all over the world including the US. Just January this year, the Facebook dating feature was released to Europe. And Facebook has made known its intentions of rolling out to more regions in the coming years.

Facebook Dating App

Many users thought Facebook dating would have a separate app. But this is not true. Many users were disappointed with the release of this dating feature as it was not what they expected. They thought it would be a stand-alone app.

But Facebook had other things in mind. This dating feature can only be accessed through Facebook’s main platform through an existing account. This means that if you don’t have an existing account on the platform you cannot make use of it.

How The Facebook Dating Feature Works

This dating tool is a very simple one. Well, there is no swiping right and left with this dating feature. If you come across a profile you like, all you need to do to show interest is to like the profile or comment directly on the profile.

Facebook dating is free unlike other dating tools in the world. Facebook does not let you match with your friends on the platform; rather it lets you match with friends of your friends on the platform.

Facebook dating is also free and secure dating platform. The security and privacy measures put in place on this dating tool are trustworthy. There is a feature on this Facebook dating tool that lets you share your location with your friends and family on the platform for up to one hour. Another feature of this tool is the secret crush feature.

Facebook Secret Crush

Normally, Facebook does not let you match with your friends on the platform, but you can override this feature if you want to with the secret crush feature. The secret crush feature lets users of this tool add up to nine Instagram followers and Facebook friends to a list.

When you add a person to this list, the person gets notified. The person may choose to add you back to their list and when the person does it becomes a match. If on the other hand you are not added back, the person will not know who added them to the secret crush list.

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How To Access Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is not an app and it can only be accessed via your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you cannot get access to this feature. However, you can access it if you want, all you need to do is to create a Facebook account and be in a region where dating is accessible.

Facebook dating exists as a tab within your Facebook account page. This tab is located at the top of your Facebook account page. To get access to it, you will need to click on it. And to make use of Facebook dating you will need to set up a dating profile. To access the main Facebook dating page, go to Facebook Dating.

Facebook Dating Profile

To able to make use of Facebook dating, you will need to set up a dating profile. This profile is different from your personal Facebook profile. To set up a dating profile, click on the dating tab at the top of the Facebook page. On the main Facebook dating page, you will need to select your gender, the gender of your preferred match, and other personal details. To set up your dating profile, go to Facebook Dating.

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